Are Other People’s Judgments Getting Your Body Down? These Body Processes May Be Just What You Require!

October 17, 2012

How do other people’s judgments affect your body? Is it possible that they can affect it so violently that they could lock your muscles up so tightly that they couldn’t move?

This is exactly what occurred for Dr. Dain Heer after one advanced 7-day course in Costa Rica. What’s right about this is that as a result, a couple of phenomenal Access Consciousness™ body processes were developed.

Access Consciousness™ Founder and best selling author Gary Douglas developed the processes Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation in a successful attempt to assist his friend, co-author, and co-developer of Access Consciousness™.

The name of the first process, Anaphylactic Shock, matches the energy that Douglas sensed in Heer’s body following the experience of having others’ judgments impelled at him. One of Douglas’s many gifts and capacities is to identify a previously unknown energy, find the name that most clearly matches it, and thus allow others to access that same energy through the energetic pathway he blazes with the words he puts to the energy. In the case of bodywork, the name of the process allows others to call up the same energy.

As Douglas describes this process, he mentally searches for the word that most matches the energy he senses. He pictures it as being like a slot machine. When the correct word comes along, he seizes it like an apple or a cherry and a new process is born. This process applies to new clearing statements as well as to hands-on processes.

In medical terms, anaphylactic shock refers to the same state of shock as people go into who seriously allergic to bee stings or peanuts. This shock is often fatal. A lovely side effect of this name being connected to this process is that it is something that could also be tried for anyone suffering from anaphylactic shock. (Of course, immediate medical attention should also be sought for someone suffering from this life-threatening condition, but if you used the process on a first aid basis and no further attention would be required, wouldn’t that be cool?)

Using this Anaphylactic Shock process on muscles locked up anywhere in the body—even if it wasn’t necessarily others’ judgments that locked them up—can have dramatic results in getting the body out of its shocked state.

Following that, the Quadrate of Laxation process invites the muscles to return to their relaxed state. When these processes were first discovered, it was most often necessary to do them sequentially—starting with Anaphylactic Shock and then doing Quadrate of Laxation. As so often happens with Access Consciousness™, things have sped up and it’s now most often possible to do the two of them together. As always with the body processes, the correct way to do them follows only one rule: ask the body! With extreme cases or where the results sought are not being achieved, you might ask if it’s necessary to run them one at a time.

When Douglas and Heer first identify a process, they practice on each other and others to determine what the process is and what it might be used for. When they have a sense of what it might be able to do through their own experience, then they share it with us.

They are the developers of the 3-Day Access Consciousness™ Body Class, which invites participants to learn some 50 different body processes, useful for all kinds of injuries, ailments and complaints. New uses for these processes are being discovered every day.

The 3-Day Body Class is taught world-wide by different facilitators. Some 300 Body Process Facilitators world-wide teach evening or one day classes in which Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation, as well as the 50 others, can be taught. You can find classes near you on the site, www.body.accessconsciousness.com.

If you are interested in receiving the body processes, you can contact one of these facilitators as well. Most graduates of the 3-Day Body Class would be happy to provide you with a session of these unique energetic healing methods as well.

Always the pioneers when it comes to creating as much consciousness in bodies as possible, Douglas and Heer have also developed some advanced body processes. Attendance at two of the 3-Day Body Classes is the pre-requisites for these Advanced Body Classes. These pre-requisites have been set because they are necessary in order for participants to get the most out of the Advanced Body Class, and Douglas isn’t willing for them to have anything less.

In 2016, Gary Douglas is facilitating the Advanced Body Classes in the US in April, Ireland in June, Costa Rica in August, and Australia and India in September! Click HERE for more details.



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