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September 30, 2012

Pam Houghteling, certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator and mother of two, has been teaching people from all over the world to use consciousness to contribute to the earth, and inviting them to change their own lives at the same time.

Access Consciousness™ Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas has long pointed out that the very polarity that movements like “save the whales” come from contributes to the strength of the very cause they’re fighting against. The reason for this is that resistance and reaction is the other side of the coin of alignment and agreement. Neither of these is allowance, which is having merely an interesting point of view with no charge to it. In other words, resisting and reacting to something locks it into place more dynamically!

Houghteling, in her monthly teleclasses, shows people how they can use allowance and consciousness to contribute to the planet, which is a very different approach.

In the process of sharing the energy processes, Houghteling also processes people on their points of view and empowers them to use the Access Consciousness™ tools to contribute to the earth and their own bodies. In the process, she changes their awareness of what’s possible for their bodies and for the planet.

The primary tool she uses is an energy Douglas calls De-molecular Manifestation and Molecular De-manifestation.

This rather tongue-twisting mouthful refers to asking the molecules that make up any substance to rearrange themselves at your request. It’s not so hard to get that the Molecular DE-manifestation might be asking something that is present to change itself into something else, or go away. That’s exactly the case. The more puzzling DE-molecular Manifestation refers to the opposite process, asking the molecules to change into something different than they already are.

Houghteling’s target is to invite people to be more of who they truly be, and to be a contribution from that space to the planet.

In one recent call, Houghteling went step-by-step using the DMMD processes to change the taste of food and beverages. She had been running processes for the whole planet—this was a step backwards to give people a direct experience of how the processes she’d been running for the earth can change what’s right in front of them. “When they sense it and taste it, they know that when we run it for the whole planet, it’s really changing things,” she says.

Houghteling also took people a bit into the realm of magic as they realized, “There’s no reason this is limited to what’s in front of me. Soon they were changing the taste of broccoli across the room.”

The experience of running these processes for the earth also evokes questions of how these processes can be used for our bodies. Of course they can. Houghteling is quick to point out that it’s much more effective to do the processes hands-on when it comes to bodies. Bodies have a physiological need for touch, which most of us do not get enough of.

In the process of teaching this, Houghteling empowers the people she is working with as well. “A lot of times people are looking for ‘Here’s how it’s done.’ She responds by asking them a question about what their awareness is.

Taking them further into the realm of what might be possible, she lets participants know, “You can choose anything and create anything—then there’s what we allow ourselves in the moment. A lot of us have limitations in what we will allow a process to do. What questions can you ask that will allow you to create more?”

“People are always looking for how to do it right, rather than playing with it, asking questions, and knowing what they know. When you take away the significance and the point of view that you have to have a result, you can just play with it and see what you can create.”

Would you like to spread the word about how consciousness can make a difference on the planet? Houghteling is glad to offer a download of the recording discussed above, and she plans to do another call facilitating others in doing what she does on these calls. You can contact her and find her upcoming classes and telecalls through her profile page on the Access Consciousness™ website: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/fac_detail.asp?mid=179



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Aug 16, 2014

A provvcatioe insight! Just what we need!

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