Erasing any Trauma

May 08, 2012

Are you suffering from a past trauma that you can’t seem to get free of? Do you see your life as before that traumatic event and after it? If there were a tool that could get you free of it, would you be interested?

Gary Douglas, best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness™, has discovered a tool which can unlock you from this. It applies not only to psychic and emotional trauma, but also to physical trauma such as accidents as well.

Douglas has discovered the phenomenon of “trifold sequencing systems, shock trauma systems, and vibrational wave length systems” which has the effect of keeping some or most of our energy locked into past trauma. People suffering from this tend to repeat the story of their trauma over and over again; unable to escape it no matter how much they repeat the tale.

Fortunately for them and those around them, clearing this is as easy as using the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement. How does it get even better than that?

Douglas discovered the way to unlock this phenomenon many years ago when a man in his class presented with a most unusual problem. As a young soldier in World War II, he stumbled into some door that the U.S. military did not wish him to enter. Ever since that time, when he was under stress he dropped down on all fours and barked like a dog.

Using his technique of asking questions, Douglas discovered these processes with this veteran. After that, the man’s days as a dog were finished, much to the relief of him and his surely long-suffering wife. These methods have since been used on anyone who has suffered from a trauma from which they date their life, as in “before the divorce” and “after the divorce,” or “before my sister died” and “after my sister died.”

Many years later, the aspect of trifold sequencing systems as a hands-on process was discovered. Dr. Kacie Crisp, now a Body Class Facilitator, called Douglas asking how to use the tools of Access™ to assist a friend of hers who was going to be in her Foundation class. This friend had been legally blind since a car accident 6 years previously. Though she had some vision, damage to her cranial nerve resulted in her focus shifting from long range to close up randomly, making it impossible for her to drive or read.

“Do trifold sequencing systems as a hands-on process,” Douglas told her.

Crisp recalls, “I had never heard of that as a hands-on process. I didn’t know how to do it, but I figured I could just put my hands on her head and ask for the energy.” After this was done on the woman for half an hour in class, she went home from class and read a chapter in a book for the first time in six years.

Many other people have used it as a hands-on process, and it is now included in the manual of the Access Consciousness™ 3-day Body Class. Facilitators of one day Body Process Classes can also teach you to use it. Its use is most appropriate when the receiver has suffered a trauma, which so changed their life, that they date events in their life as before the accident and after the accident. If a trauma is psychological or emotional without involving physical trauma, such as a divorce or the death of a loved one, doing trifold sequencing as a hands-on process may not be required. For emotional trauma, insanity, and past drug use, it can be combined with the Bars™ for more potent clearing.

One woman, who had been injured when she fell off a steep icy platform at work onto the parking lot below, landing with part of her body on the pavement and part of it against the bumpers of parked cars, walked with a cane and qualified for a disabled parking sticker. Not only was her back injured and painful, but she suffered rapid deterioration and multiple surgeries on both hips as well. Both her back and both hips were quite painful. Medical doctors had called one of her hips “terminal” on this otherwise healthy 60 year old.

Using trifold sequencing systems as a hands on process on her created so much change that she was able to forget her cane and actually took up dancing at Access™ classes she attended.

If past trauma were not something that you had to hold onto, how much more would be possible in your life?



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Reverend Steve Winn, DD, RMT, BF

Feb 4, 2015

As a new Access Bars Facilitator, I find this blog to be the powerful and perfect way to bring clarity to running Tri-Fold Sequencing during Bars, when there is trauma preventing the clearing and discharge of persistent DJCC’s and limitations/blocks.

Thank you Gary for this concise and precise explanation!

How does it get any better than this!?

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