Could Touch Heal Your Relationship Issues?

May 08, 2012

One of the brilliant creations of the collaboration of Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer is an amazing assortment of body processes. These are taught world-wide by four facilitators of the 3 day Access Consciousness™ Body Class, as well as in evening and day long classes by nearly 200 facilitators of Body Process classes.

Not surprisingly, many of these processes deal with handling pain from injury, diseases such as arthritis, and other malfunctions of the body. What you might not expect is that they have discovered body processes that can actually make your relationships work better. While all Access Consciousness™ body processes bring more consciousness to your body and allow for greater receiving, several of them specifically address relationship issues directly.

The first one of these was discovered while Access Consciousness™ founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas was doing body processes on Heer. The television happened to be on while they were running this process. Douglas observed in Heer’s body the energy of intense attraction to a sexy-looking woman who appeared on television. Despite her appearance, Douglas could also tell that there was no nurturing or sexualness (the nurturing, caring, creative energy of life—not what is taken to look good or “sexy” in this reality) in this woman’s universe. Yet there was an attraction to her in Heer’s body.

Douglas developed a hands-on process to handle this. It’s called the Magnetic Attraction to the Repulsion of all Sexual Energies Embodied and the Restoration of All Generative Sexual Energies Embodied. As the name suggests, it includes two kinds of energy—reducing the body’s tendency to be attracted to judgmental non-nurturing sexual energies, as well as restoring the body’s ability and tendency to be attracted to sexual energies which are nurturing.

One of the “never ending stories” of Douglas’s life is consulting with people entering into disastrous relationships despite the fact that they should have been able to see the disaster coming and avoid it. He hopes that it would free people to be more aware of the future as he can see it.

A second relationship related process has just been added to the 3-Day Body Class book. It’s called “Elimination & Eradication of Auto‐Responder Systems of Sex and Relationship.” It’s reputed to be “a real cooker,” meaning the energy that is released is on the intense side. For those wishing to get free in this area, that could be perceived as a good thing!

If your relationship is going well and you’d like to add more to it, there are lots of processes in the classes that can do just that. Almost any process freeing you from this reality, from the limitations of human embodiment, from any limitations on the joy of embodiment will contribute to the joy in your relationship.

The Advanced Body class facilitated only by Gary Douglas is aimed specifically at going beyond all pain and complaints and discovering what else is possible for the greatness of embodiment. Attending two 3-day Body Classes is the pre-requisite for this class.



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