Access Bars Changes the Lives of Children Failing in Schools

April 05, 2012

There’s new hope for children struggling with school failure on the Spanish island of Mallorca, thanks to the efforts of chiropractor and Bars Facilitator Dr. David Biddle.

Biddle became aware of the tremendous problem of school failure that plagues the Spanish school system through a conversation with his own daughter. In her class of 25, there were only 3 or 4 children who hadn’t failed any classes, and failing 5 or 6 out of the 8 offered is quite common.

The only alternative schools offer is additional tutoring to students, which means the kids have to sit for an additional 2 hours after 7 hours of sitting every day.

“How can we help these kids adapt better to school?” wondered Biddle. He came up with offering Bars to allow kids’ brains to function better and make it easier for them to learn and retain information.

He and 7 other Bars Facilitators teemed up to offer 5 free Bars sessions to kids struggling in school. A large spread in the local newspaper created so much awareness of the event that 50 kids showed up to have their Bars run in Biddle’s chiropractic office. Seven Bars Facilitators showed up to run half hour sessions, spending 3-4 hours each running Bars on a volunteer basis.

Some of the positive changes the parents have noted have been amazing. One little boy who was very rough in school and well known for beating everybody up, changed overnight. After his first bars session, he changed so much that the school phoned his mother. She thought, “Oh, another problem with my son.”

To her surprise, the school was calling to tell her, “We don’t know what you did, but your kid is totally different. He’s being nice to everybody.”

Another little boy went from regularly getting 1s and 2s (the lowest scores) in math to getting 10s. A little girl who swims competitively noticed her swimming times improved, which pleased her and her mother. A little boy with chronic headaches now reports they’re gone.

One boy who could hardly lie on the table on the first session now comes into the room, lies down, and relaxes. His parents are amazed. “My kid never relaxes!” they say, “yet he does now that he’s getting his bars done.”

Parents report that overall, their children are more centered, easier to deal with at home, and doing better in school.

Originally Biddle had planned to offer the Bars sessions side by side with sessions for the parents, but the response to the free offer for children was so overwhelming there simply wasn’t time. Now several parents have taken the Bars Class and are doing Bars on their children at home.

While Biddle had the advantage of having a large open space with a number of tables as well as secretarial support, none of this is required. It could be duplicated anywhere, and where are children not suffering because the schools are unable to meet their needs?

“Open up the space and let it happen,” suggests Biddle. “The kids need it so badly!” What are the infinite possibilities?

Check out what kids say about the Bars on Access Consciousness Youtube Channel



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Margot Boerma

Apr 14, 2012

This is a beautyful story of a Heart felt comming together of a Community for their Children in trouble. What else is possible? Does it get any better than this? We have a great Community of Facilitators here. Maybe we could help children here in Cork and Kerry with Learning difficulties. Lets work on that!

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Helle Rigmor Petersen

Apr 30, 2012

Very pleased to hear, it touch my heart.

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Bonnie Woolley

May 28, 2012

We need this in France too! What would it take…??? I hereby declare the space open for it to show up! 🙂

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Mar 30, 2016

Would love this for my daughter(s)!

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Bernadette Cleary

Nov 11, 2019

Sounds amazing, I give my grandchildren Bars they so love it x

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