Over 45 & Getting Younger

March 19, 2012

Olympic sprinter Dara Torres did it at age 41 by winning 3 silver medals at the 2008 Olympics. Champion swimmer Janet Evans aims to do it this year at 40. Will you do it?

And best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness™ Gary Douglas invites you to do it too. While watching “Over 45 & Getting Younger” workshop might not qualify you for this year’s Olympic team, it might allow you to win a more valuable race—the quest to enjoy embodiment for all of your life.

What’s the dream you have that you have concluded is not possible this lifetime because you’re just too old? Would you be willing to change that? That’s what this class was about.

Douglas, who has found that almost anything can be changed using the tools of consciousness, has noticed that “once you’re over 45, you assume your life is essentially over or it will be soon. You get to this point where you don’t create and generate anymore because you have all these points of view about where you’re over the hill. ‘I can’t do that,’ ‘I’m too old to do that.’ Is any of that true? No, but you will buy lies like crazy.”

This class, as Douglas describes it, is “for those of you who have decided perhaps you can’t create everything you would like to have in your life and perhaps you have to be satisfied. I want you to be dissatisfied.”

One example of how dramatically the tools can work is with a 60 year old woman who wished to be a jazz singer. Her voice was not outstanding, and becoming a jazz singer at age 60 is not supposed to be possible. After Douglas’s work, by the time she was 64, she was singing in 7 different jazz clubs in NYC every week. Supposedly that doesn’t happen when you’re over the hill.”

Douglas himself is a model of what he teaches. He is over 70 years old, and he still works 12 hours a day and has a great time living. He also looks younger than many people 10-20 years younger than he is.

Geography is no obstacle to this “Over 45 and Getting Younger,” which was “live-streamed” via the internet to locations worldwide from its location in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

As you might have gathered, Douglas has a different view of being in a body than most people walking around on planet earth, including most “experts.” “You are an infinite being, and your body is in you,” says Douglas. “So your body should be as infinite as you are.”

Your body is in you? Does that seem impossible to even imagine? Try this short exercise: Close your eyes, and find the outside edges of you. Wherever you find them, push on them and see what’s beyond them. Keep going.

Don’t read on till you’ve done that much.

Now, could you find any edges of you, or did you discover that wherever you go, there you are? If so, then ponder the question of whether you are in your body, or is your body in you? How could anything as small as your physical body hope to contain the huge infinite being that is you?

If that twists your middle-aged mind, you might consider participating in Douglas’s workshop. The greatness of embodiment is a cornerstone of Douglas’s work.

Douglas has an approach to being in bodies that differs from many spiritual practices which have the point of view you should leave your body on the curb while you journey to enlightenment, picking up your body on your way out. He and his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, ask, “If being in a body were not a greatness, why would we as infinite beings choose to come back in bodies again and again?” he asks. “There must be a greatness in embodiment.” Douglas and Heer, the author of Embodiment, the Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born; and the newly released, Being You, Changing the World, have been working to unlock this greatness ever since.

If reclaiming the greatness of your body, whatever its age, and reclaiming the greatness and possibility of your dreams appeals to you, Over 45 and Getting Younger might just be your ticket to where you’ve been trying to go for years.



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Stephen Outram

Apr 9, 2012

Around about the age of 48, I went to live with my mother in her house. I stopped doing my business and decided to lay-back for a while. A year later I was still their, on unemployment benefits and living a frugal existence. I got really good at EBay, selling off my stuff for money. Finally, one of the few things of value that I had left was my car; I knew if I sold that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the pretense of having a great life.

I managed to get the fee together and had a private session with Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness (it was the best money I ever spent). He assisted me in getting clear that I was waiting for my parents to die so that I could inherit their money. The insane thing was that they were both in really good health and could easily live for another 20 or more years. He also helped me with my unconscious–well, it was all unconscious–decision to retire from life and begin dying.

It was a turning point and I was able to instantly begin living again. My life is very different today and I’m excited about the future I’m consciously creating. And… I’m incredibly grateful.

Retirement or getting older does not mean withdrawal from living and the beginning of dying, and it doesn’t mean you stop creating a life even greater that what you have right now. Retirement is a decision we make rather that having the choice to live joyfully, abundantly and beyond what is considered normal.

If you are seeking more for your life, where every moment is a choice, a beginning and an adventure, then consider Gary Douglas’ upcoming seminar, “Over 45 & Getting Younger.” It may be the turning point you’re looking for. See you there!

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Apr 9, 2012

One year ago, locked into the losses of what I saw as being another victim of the economic downturn, I remember hearing my sister saying, “You just have no choice but to go on Social Security. It’s all you have left, of value.” Wow! Enter Gary Douglas’ and Access Consciousness’ life-saving tools! “Who does this belong to?” was the key tool in realizing I was buying into everyone else’s version of what being over 60 was all about. “Just an interesting point of view “soon became my best friend as I stepped into the world of question, possibility, change and contribution (a far cry from being ‘old and useless).

I just got back from Rome–Access Facilitators Class–and am ready to rock the world! What if You allowed yourself to ask “What else is possible?” Have you always known’ there was so much more to life and to You? What would it take for you to join us in Over 45 & Getting Younger?

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As part of the baby boomer generation, we have found that many of our colleagues and friends are becoming more and more concerned about their health and the way they look and feel. Many of them are feeling angst and concern about aging. Recently, we had a reunion with old friends who we hadn’t seen for a long time and many of them had aged so much that they didn’t even recognize us. We became aware that there is a huge difference between our points of view regarding aging.

Gary Douglas facilitates us to truly know that getting old is a choice. Access Consciousness tools and body processes allow us to experience a different approach to aging that is not based on dogma or collective unconsciousness. While most people of our age are contemplating retirement, our life and work is becoming even more generative, with a business that takes us around the world constantly and a lifestyle that energizes and rejuvenates. And it’s just choice.

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