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Are You Still Seeking the Feeling of Being At Home on Planet Earth?

March 22, 2012

  • Have you been trying to find your way home ever since you landed on this planet?
  • Did you wonder when your real parents were going to come and get you and take you to where you really belonged?
  • Was “Beam me up, Scotty!” your favorite part of Star Trek?
  • Have you tried drugs, alcohol, meditation, yoga, and everything else under the sun in an attempt to find a sense of peace on this planet?

What if you were not alone, but were actually one of 47% of the population that’s been desperately trying to make sense of this reality since you can remember, without much success?

This is exactly the case, according to Access Consciousness founder and best selling author Gary Douglas. Frustrated with having all the perks of this reality without finding them valuable enough to justify living, he has been searching more than 25 years for ways to make his life worth living.

What he has found in his searching is what he recommends to his clients and participants in his classes. “Stop trying to fit into this reality! Has that ever worked? Step out of this reality and create your own reality!”

You may not be alone in this longing for a different world. The longing to step out of this reality is more common than you might have realized. In Chronicles of Narnia, the wardrobe through which the children visit “other worlds” is actually a portal to another reality. So is Platform 9-3/4, the “solid” wall through which students must pass en route to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts school.

Andrew Weil, M.D., now considered an expert in natural healing, wrote decades ago about the drive to find another reality. He did not distinguish between seeking consciousness, which is being aware of everything, and seeking altered consciousness. Drugs do alter consciousness although they do not promote awareness itself. Weil noticed that when children spin themselves around until they’re so dizzy they tumble onto the ground, what they are actually seeking is also a change in consciousness.

Oneness and consciousness are actually Douglas’s targets. By his definition, “oneness includes everything and judges nothing,” and that includes this reality. Douglas isn’t opposed to this reality; it’s just that he hasn’t found that it works for the most creative 47% of the population. These folks, whom he calls a distinct species called “humanoids,” never fit into this reality and blame themselves endlessly for not being able to fit in.

“Are you making yourself an employee of this reality?” he asks participants in his classes. “Why not take advantage of the awareness you have and put this reality to work for you?”

Douglas describes himself as extremely functional in this reality, even though he operates outside of it. Observers would be hard-pressed to differ with him. He runs a multi-million dollar worldwide seminar business that is growing exponentially, despite the current economic conditions. People work with Douglas around the world in a way that defies the rules of this reality relative to business—yet it succeeds with aplomb. He is author or co-author of 6 published books with many more in the works.

One of these books, the best-selling novel the Place, appears to be a novel but is actually much more. It is a demonstration of what life on earth could be like if we used the principles of consciousness Douglas has discovered in his decades of asking questions. It is chock full of hints about how things could be done differently here and how to create a different result. He warns that he doesn’t expect people to get that until at least the third time they’ve read the slim volume.

As The Place demonstrates, it is possible that by stepping away from the judgments and limitations of this reality, everything you’ve been looking for within this reality can be yours. By using some rather magical methods of actualization (the term he prefers to manifestation), Douglas has noticed that everything he’s been asking for his whole life has been turning up in ways he could never have imaged possible.

By asking questions and following the energy that they reveal, Douglas has made some discoveries that verge on the magical, as well as some that are later validated by the latest science. At a time when research in physics was stuck in the outdated world view of Newtonian physics because it couldn’t come up with a way to apply quantum physics to the world beyond the microscopic, Douglas discovered that the quantum entanglements they spoke of were actually a perceptible energetic web that could be used to create results in the real macroscopic world.

He has a way of asking the earth itself what it would like, giving it the energy it asks for, and discovering within days news reports that validate “objectively” the changes he has asked for. Some examples of this include the oil spill last year in the Gulf of Mexico and the continent of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean.

It is this emphasis on question that is a major difference between the tools of Access Consciousness™ as Douglas has developed them, and most other metaphysical, spiritual, and other self-improvement approaches. Douglas tried many of these himself on his quest to create a life that was worth living. “While most other approaches will tell you they have the answer, I will not give you any answers,” says Douglas. “What I do have is a lot of questions.”

Questions are actually far more valuable than answers, he points out. “Questions empower, answers disempower.” While most people may think they are still looking for answers since we have been trained to focus on the right answer at least since we started school, questions are actually more helpful and creative of what we would really like to have in our lives.

Questions function to create awareness, while answers form a conclusion past which no more awareness that does not match the conclusion can appear. If you’ve concluded something isn’t possible, it cannot appear in your universe no matter how much you tell yourself you really would like to have it.

One easy way to begin to step into the alternate reality you’ve been seeking for all your life is to use this question, “What else is possible?” If you combine that with refusing to judge whatever turns up, no matter how “weird” it may appear, you just may find yourself stepping beyond the limitations that have kept you back your whole life. There just may be the universe of an entirely different reality out there waiting for you. Are you willing to beam yourself into it?



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R.A.L. West

Apr 17, 2012

Thanks for this wonderful post! Great for sharing also. And thanks to Pam H. who brought it to my attention.

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