What if World could be the Stage for Your Business?

July 19, 2010

Are you tired of putting out energy all the time to keep your business going?

What if you and your business could become a world-wide star, with everyone looking for you?

What if it all could be as easy as a joyful little child breaking into song?

“You CAN create your business that easily,” says Dr. Dain Heer. He has used principles of the awareness of energy to transform performing artists’ careers and performances. These very same principles can work for you to transform your business from struggle and effort to a process that’s as easy as magic.

Co-author of the book, Magic: You ARE It. BE It, Heer has witnessed overnight transformation of performers’ work. That transformation occurs when performers – singers, actors, songwriters – are made aware of how to use the energy of the universe to work for them.

Exactly the same principles work for business as work for performers. “The same principles of performance apply whether you’re pitching a song or you’re pitching a job,” notes Heer. “Getting the result you desire has to do with the way you connect with your public and the way you direct and use energy.”

Developing an awareness of how to use the energy that creates everything in the universe is the key to Heer’s methods. Contrary to popular belief, when you want to create a connection with people, the most effective way to do so energetically is not to put energy out towards them, but to pull their energy dynamically towards you. “This feeling of having their energy pulled by you is what creates connection between performers and their audiences,” observes Heer. “The better you as a performer are at pulling energy, the more the audience adores and goes crazy for you.”

“Picture Madonna on stage,” he suggests. “Which way is the energy flowing? Madonna is not putting energy out, you’ll notice. She is pulling energy towards her with such intensity she could ‘suck the chrome off a ’58 Buick that was still in 1958.'” Contrary to what you might expect, the feeling of having your energy pulled actually feels good to people. That’s why kids are so eager to pile into the mosh pits right in front of performers on stage – they want to experience as intensely as possible that feeling of having their energy pulled.

The same principle applies to connecting with your customers. If you will pull energy intensely from both your existing customers and those who are looking for what you have to offer but haven’t found you yet, how much could that expand your business?

Asking the energy to flow intensely or dynamically does not have to be hard work. All it involves is just asking the energy to flow that way. It’s light and easy. Compared to the lightness and ease of asking and inviting energy to flow, creative visualization or setting clear intentions is effort and hard work!

Of course, for this method to work, you have to be willing to actually receive the energy you are pulling through you. Sometimes people have the misconception that there’s so-called bad or negative energy that could be harmful to receive. First of all, the energy doesn’t have to stick with you. Just pull it through you, not to you. If you have no point of view about it, it is never a problem no matter what the energy feels like, just keep on pulling it all the way through you as though you are standing in the middle of an ever flowing stream.

Another principle of energy, which can be used in business is that if something is true, it feels light, and if it feels heavy, it’s a lie. Does “bad energy” feel light or heavy to you? If it feels heavy, it is a lie that is it “bad.” Where did you buy the point of view that that particular energy is “bad”? When you label any energy as bad or wrong, you are blocking your ability to receive the business success you’ve been asking for. How does that work? Anyone who has energy that feels like what you labeled as “bad” can not give you money, or business or referrals or anything. When you will receive their energy without a point of view about it, they can give you money. They will seek you out to give you money. “Energy can only be bad or negative if you judge it to be so,” points out Heer. “And that judgment, like all judgments, will limit your receiving of everything you’ve been asking for. Would you be willing to give it up now?”

When you pull energy from your audience, it energizes them. The more their energy is pulled, the more they contribute to you. The performance on stage gets better and better. The feeling of having energy pulled from them creates a connection between performers and their audience. This applies the same in business of any kind.

Geography is not a barrier to this energy pulling method. People can feel this from around the world – that’s how hit products and songs get created. Not only can you pull energy, you can ask the product or service itself to pull energy also. How? Just ask it if it is willing to.

Before you get locked into how you’ll handle all those global shipping costs, consider this. “We tend to think that our product is something tangible, that what we give to others is a thing,” says Heer. “When you’re creating anything, what you are creating is a level of energy that invites people to a new possibility. It’s the energy you create, not the thing you give somebody.”

If you’re willing to pull energy, you can use it to invite the universe to work for you in building any aspect of your business. Placing an ad? Pull energy through it dynamically! Answering the phone? Start pulling the caller’s energy before you even start to speak. Planning a public event of any kind? Start by pulling energy into it and through it, from everyone that knows about it and everyone that’s looking for what you have to offer but hasn’t found out about you yet. Just ask and notice if you start to feel the energy flow. Ask to increase the energy flow, now what do you notice? How much fun can you have playing with this? The more you do this for the fun of it and the curiosity of what and who might show up, the better the results can be.

This same principle applies to photographs used to promote your business. Heer’s business partner and co-author, Gary Douglas, pulls the entirety of the energy of the universe through him when he’s being photographed. He used this photo for a lecture he was doing in New York. “Let’s go to that lecture,” he heard some New Yorkers saying. “That looks like a good one.” The photo they were looking at was about an inch square and so grainy he was unrecognizable. Douglas knew they didn’t recognize him from the picture because he was standing right behind them as they had this conversation! Yet the energy of this unrecognizable photo was enough to pull them to his lecture.

There is an exercise you can do to hone your energy pulling skills. Go to your local coffee shop, or anywhere that people gather and sit around. Stand by the door and pull energy dynamically through your entire body until everyone in the place turns around and looks at you. When they look at you, just smile and nod. Don’t worry, they will not all turn around at once – unless you are really good at it! The more heads turn, the better you are getting at pulling energy. It just takes practice and willingness to receive no matter what it looks or feels like.

You can use this same principle of pulling energy to expand your business, or create one (even if you don’t know what kind of business you would like to create.), or to create the job you would like to have.

All you need to do is to get the energy of it; you are looking to feel what it would feel like to have that in your life, imagine it in front of you like a big ball, and pull all the energy of the universe into it from every direction.

If your business already exists, you can pull energy into it the same way. Or you could pull energy into how the business would be if it were as expanded, dynamic, and profitable as you would like. You can ask for any part or the whole of it to become what you would like.

If you don’t know what kind of job or business you would like. Start asking yourself; if you could have it be anything, what would you like it to be? What kind of people would you like to work with? How much travel would be involved? Would you like to work inside or outside? How much money minimum would you like to make to start with? Then get the energy of having all that, what it would feel like to be living your life with everything you’ve just asked for in it, and pull all the energy of the universe into that. Then let unlimited numbers of little trickles of energy flow out into the world in every direction, these are like energetic crumb trails that allow people to find you and your business or products or service. Then when the person shows up (to buy your product or service, or hire you) ask that the energy be equalized so they know they have found what they are looking for (you can ask the products that pull energy to do this too). Remember you don’t have to do anything, you just has to ask that it occur.

The second step is whenever you run across something that has that energy, whether through a phone call, a Craigslist item, a conversation, or any other weird source, follow up on that item that matches the energy, even if it makes no logical sense. Logic is not necessarily your friend when you’re using energy to create. If you’d been able to create what you desire by using logic, wouldn’t you have already created it by now? Would you be reading this article? What if using energy were more efficient and effective than your logic?

“It’s important to put the energy of the business or job you wish to create in front of you and pull the energy into that,” Heer points out. “If you miss that detail and pull all the energy into yourself, you can easily end up creating a business which is not separate from you. That can lead to getting cell phone calls at 3 a.m. due to the business’s being you. Allowing the business to take on its own identity allows it to expand way beyond what you could imagine – and spares you not only those phone calls in the middle of the night, but having the business be your entire life as well. Having the energy outside you allows the business or job take on a life of its’ own. Meaning it will continue to expand and grow if you are working on it or not because the energy is continuing to flow. That is a key to businesses, products, services and entertainers who are known world wide.”

How about it? Are you willing to have the universe work for you? It might be so easy it would seem like magic!

Dr. Dain Heer works with individuals and groups world wide. His next teleclass on Magic starts July 14. For information about this and other books, recorded and live seminars with Dr. Heer, visit www.accessconsciousness.com or his personal site, www.drdainheer.com.

You can watch a one hour video replay on Magic. You are it. Be it. with Dr Dain Heer HERE



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sandy leveque

Jul 20, 2010

Brilliant! !! thank you so much for this blog, I just did the last exercise and it is amazing! love the way it is explained in this article, thank you !

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Jul 30, 2010

thanks for reminding me of this dain. this sounds just as refreshing and awesome as ever. if i forget can you re remind me?

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Aug 12, 2010

Thanks Dain!
The info is very useful and I passed this advice on to my staff to let them try and create what they need for the services they offer at my business. Thanks for the adivice about reminding me and others to do clearing statements on being able to receive the energy that you pull through you.
Once I seperated myself from the business and started treating it as a seperate entity, I was amazed how my own personal stress with the business just fell away and the money flow and client flow is better!!!!! I am so grateful for this and you and Gary!!! How does it get better than this??????

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Jessi Jordan

May 7, 2011

This is amazing! You know how you do something automatically that you have no name for? This is it! It’s how I got reviewed by the New York Times just 2 months into starting my business ( artisan gourmet coffee toffee)

The distinction of drawing the energy to a ball in front of you is life changing!!!! Thank you Dain!!!!

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Sep 22, 2011

Wonderful, thanks for sharing this. It seems to be important to do some clearing on being willing to pull massive amounts of energy, such as saying to yourself “truth, I’m willing to pull and receive enormous amounts of energy now” and everything that brings up do the clearing statement

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