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Can Consciousness Explain the Disappearance of Oil in the Gulf?

August 03, 2010

Have you ever considered that consciousness alone might be able to change the world?

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, for over 20 years has been dedicated to promoting consciousness wherever possible through his seminars offered world wide.

One of the major tools of Access Consciousness is to ask questions. In the words of its founder, “Questions empower, answers dis-empower.” Douglas applies this philosophy even to “inanimate objects” such as the earth, since from his point of view everything has consciousness.

Since the oil spill in the Gulf began, Douglas has been asking if there was anything that we could do to assist in the healing of the earth from this apparent disaster. Every day he asked, and every day the answer he received from the earth was “no.” For some reason, it appeared that the earth required the disaster to continue in order to wake us up to the devastation we have been wreaking upon it everywhere.

Then, two weeks ago, something suddenly changed. Before listening to the day’s news or having any exposure to it, Douglas asked the question and for the first time, received the answer “yes.”

That was the very same day that it was announced that BP had managed to put a cap on the leak.

At this word from earth itself, Douglas summoned his troops. He sent a email request to the world wide list of everyone who has attended Access seminars asking for their contribution energetically to “everything that can be changed to create any change of the ecological destruction that has been done in the Gulf of Mexico.” The time was coordinated, from 7 a.m. California time to 3 p.m. Greenwich mean time Monday, July 19.

Notice that this invitation was quite open-ended. It did not specify what change was to occur, it merely asked for change to occur. Douglas himself could not predict the outcome. His methods of accessing energy and requesting assistance from the universe work only when one is not vested in the outcome, he points out.

Ten days after Douglas and Access Consciousness’s coordinated effort, yahoo news and the New York Times are reported that far less oil has been found than was expected. Far less oil than expected has washed up on beaches, most of it has not sunk to the ocean floor where it could do the most damage, and the 4000 boats involved in skimming operations have picked up only a small percentage of the oil; according to news reports.

Scientists are attributing this to a combination of some evaporation and significant consumption of the oil by oil-eating bacteria and fungi. Prior, less dramatic oil spills apparently primed the population of the Gulf, where the heat allows them to multiply and eat more oil than their counterparts in the colder waters of Alaska, where the Exxon Valdez spill occurred.

The scientific and energetic or apparently “magical” explanations are not mutually exclusive. Scientists are only observing that the oil, and the ecological devastation it caused, which seemed so tragic and inescapable, are suddenly much less than expected. Any scientific explanation of what has occurred could easily be an objective documentation of what is possible when cooperation with the earth and asking its assistance occur.

Douglas admits that asking the earth what it requires is a novel approach to the ecological problems facing us. “Everyone assumes global warming is bad, and that we must stop it,” he says. “Does anyone ask the earth what it would like?”

The disappearance of the oil from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico could be a great first step into working with the earth to support the environment which supports our own life. Douglas is now setting his sights on the Niger Delta in Africa, where a spill the size of that in the Gulf of Mexico occurs annually.

What might occur if all of us used these tools of consciousness to change any of the environmental disasters on planet earth? Would you be willing to be the contribution that invites and allows for that change?

More information about Gary Douglas can be found on his website, www.accessconsciousness.com. Douglas also supports the ocean300.com project, which aims to clean up the great Pacific garbage patch.



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Aug 5, 2010

Hello there,

I don’t want to play the skeptic in all of this, but two things occur to me. First, there has been a tremendous amount of spin from the start of this disaster, inspired by BP but also the US government, aiming at downplaying the scale of the devastation caused by the spill.

Next, there are so many factors at play here, it’s a very complex situation, which means that even without the spin and deception, it would not be easy to get a trustworthy overall picture of what’s happening.

This being the case, might it not be better to try out Access magic on some situation that is smaller, simpler and more clearly defined, so that we get a better picture of whether and how it is working?

Thanks anyway for this very interesting news.


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Blossom Benedict

Aug 6, 2010

Hi Avilash,

Thank you for you question. YES!!! Access magic, as you put it, is GREAT to try on everything. Thousands of people all over the world are using access to create magic in their lives every day. I know I see it work in my life all the time!

Gary chose to ask everyone to assist the gulf NOT so he could prove that access works or is magic. This request was actually to assist the wildlife, the fish, the ecology and the planet.

If you are curious if and how this magic works though, I’d encourage you to play with it more. Pick up the magic book or check out the ocean 300 site which talks about molecular demanifestation/ demolucular manifestation.
Changing the taste of a glass of wine can be a great way to play with these energies and is a fantastic party trick!!

I’ve found the more I create magic for myself and in my own life, the clearer I can see it when I create it in the world.

What else is possible? What else can we change?

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Wonder Bob

Aug 31, 2010

Knowing magic is possible. Why not try it on the largest most impactful thing/event/situation we can imagine. I would never want to diminish, de-tensify, nor de-mute the potency and powerful capacity of our magical capabilities by thinking I need to try it on something small and measurable. Would an infinite being piss around?

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