Becoming a Questionable Parent…. A Parent Who is Able to Ask a Question!

July 09, 2010

Tool of the month…

What does it take to stop worrying about your kids?

– Ask your children to be aware. Do not tell them to be careful. Be aware-full.

– Be willing to be judged as a bad parent.

– Fear is a distraction. Ask a question.

-Is my child safe?

-What am I aware of?

-Is this fear mine?

– What does my child know that I am not willing to acknowledge?

What Would It Take to Stop Worrying About Your Children?

Most parents are trained to function from fear, worry, and concern. Most of us were probably parented from fear. Worrying about your children is seen as caring in this reality. The problem is it cuts off awareness and limits our children’s ability to know what is true for them.

In this reality if you do not worry about your children you are not a normal parent. You may even be judged as an unconcerned, uncaring parent, or bad parent. My point of view is, I would want to be a normal mother for what reason? I much prefer being a weird parent who does not fret over her kids. My 3 kids also prefer me that way.

What would it be like if you could parent without fear, concern and worry? Would it be different than what you are creating now? What would your children generate if you were not afraid for them, if they were not afraid and if they actually had access to what they know?

Fear is not real. It is a distraction that keeps you from knowing. If you feel fear, ask a question. What is this energy? Is my child safe? Yes or no?

So much more magic is possible when we do not create the pretense of fear in place of awareness. I watched my youngest daughter learn to swim in one day at three years old with such ease and joy. She did not have my fear to distract her from her knowing; allowing her more awareness of what was possible for her. My children are extremely psychic and aware like most of your children and if I create fear they perceive it and can override what they already know. That is not what I am choosing to create, I want my children to be aware and know that they know. Parenting is a lot easier with this choice, even dental appointments become a breeze! Fear can be a way to distract us from the amazing gifts the universe is offering us, gifts that we might just be asking for.

How can parenting be a contribution to generating your phenomenal life?

Glenna Rice MPT, is an Access Facilitator who teaches Conscious Parenting Conscious kids workshops throughout the World. You can reach her at 415-235-2807 USA


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