What if even a heart problem can change with ease?

June 28, 2010

Hi amazing Access peeps!

I am so hugely grateful!!!! Just got amazing news!

My mom had for many, many years had problems with her heart. The doctor did a CT and the pictures showed a tumor and they were talking about cancer. A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Austria to do a Bars class. My parents attended and where totally blown away by how amazing and potent Access Consciousness is. They said they had no idea about what Access was about. And they also said that they had no idea and were totally surprised by what I am capable of as a facilitator. My lovely parents! Well and after the class my mom called and said that the pressure on her heart had totally dissipated. She talked about more space and her body being lighter. The doctor did new pictures of her heart and there was no cancer, he could not see anything that looked like a tumor or cancer. Wow!!!!!! How does it get any better than this? Magic!!!!! What else is possible?

Thank you Gary and Dain and Simone and Steve and Blossom and Suzy and Access and my parents and the universe and I also thank me for choosing to step up :-)! Now what else is possible?

Gratitude and joy!

Susanna Mittermaier



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Jun 28, 2010

This really is a beautiful story… and not uncommon amongst Access 🙂 beautiful beings

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