Being You

From Desperation to Inspiration of ESB

June 29, 2010

I have just attended my first ESB class in Auckland and although I knew magic occurred at these events, I could never have prepared myself for what was about to transpire.

Many years of harbouring past hurts in my body had taken it’s toll in the form of solid, rigid discomfort that had become difficult to move without the aid of physical application. My quiet desperation for Ease with my Body became an intense internal cry for change.

A room filled with participants, led by Dr Dain Heer, gently embraced me with their perpetual gifts of energies that undeniably contributed to melting down the barriers of protection that had been kept in place for so long and it’s euphoric to say the least! Thank you Dain & all involved- you are an inspiration and celebration and I’m thrilled to know that there you are sprinkling your magic globally for others to have more living! What would it take for everyone in the world to know how safe and gentle change really is? xo



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