Can Access Bars End Squabbles Over Your Child’s Studying?

July 05, 2010

Do you ever get frustrated with trying to get your child to study? Does your child have difficulty with studying, ceaselessly complaining, and doing anything to avoid it? Does frustration from both you and your child create endless squabbles over studying?

It doesn’t take much to totally transform both you and your child’s experience of school and studying – all it involves is a technique called Access Bars. This method consists of holding a series of 32 points on the head gently. It can be learned by anyone interested in an easy, relaxing day-long class offered by Bars Facilitators world-wide. Bars Facilitators, trained in this method which is part of Access Consciousness seminars, can be found throughout the world.

Miracle stories by parents who have used the Bars to assist their children to do better in school with less nagging and better grades abound. One mother of a young teenager was shocked to hear that her son had failed to study for a geography final at his tony private school. Since she learned this at breakfast the morning of the test, she only had about 10 minutes to touch a small portion of “The Bars.” Her son, despite his failure to study, managed to ace the geography test.

Another pre-teen spent the weekend at an Access workshop, giving and receiving Bars sessions as well as some other Access techniques. In contrast, her classmates were spending the weekend at home, diligently studying for the upcoming test on the capitals of Asia. Be honest, parents! How well would you do on such a test?

This young lady’s classmates were shocked to learn that despite her failure to study properly, she aced the test with the highest grade in the class, while many of her more dedicated classmates failed to pass at all.

Another young girl, labeled “learning disabled” in her high school, started having her Bars run on a regular basis. Six years later, she is now in the honors college at the competitive University of California, Santa Barbara, where she is a sophomore. While she was in high school, she changed from being a “special needs” student herself to beginning her own business tutoring her fellow students, using “The Bars” as well as some other techniques of Access Consciousness. Her mother, who used to find doing anything with this girl a struggle, now experiences a close and enjoyable relationship with her—another benefit attributable to “The Bars.”

How can these miracles be possible? How do these Bars work? The session usually takes place with the recipient relaxing on a massage table, bed, or pad on the floor, with their head on a pillow. The person gifting them “The Bars” sits at their head, cradling their head in their hands. The one giving the Bars session touches a series of points with very light pressure. These specific points on the head have been described as the “alt-control-delete” on the computer bank of your brain. Nothing of any value is erased—but up to 10,000 years of fixed points of view that are getting in your child’s way of school success can be erased in one relaxing session. The session, by the way, is relaxing for both the one gifting and the one receiving.

Another way of looking at these Bars is to consider them like the circuit breaker in your house. Just as the lights in your house go off when the circuit breaker flips or the fuse is blown, when your Bars are in need of being “run” (lightly touched) it is like the flow of energy of awareness that should be available to us has been blocked. Light touch on the Bars flips the switch, so to speak, so much more awareness is available. Doesn’t it stand to reason that a child more able to be aware would also be more able to do well in all aspects of school?

Several doctors in different disciplines who are experts in biofeedback and brainwaves have described changes in their own brain waves during and after they received Bars sessions. They unanimously described moving from the “normal” waking state of beta into alpha states, the state in which natural learning and absorption of information with ease is possible. Interestingly, alpha is the dominant brain waves of children before they go to school.

“The Bars” have other positive results on children’s behavior which can further improve their performance in school. Many people who receive “The Bars” find that events and people who used to upset them no longer aggravate them after as little as one session of Bars. Others report both needing less sleep and sleeping better when sleep is required. These are just a few of the benefits of gifting and receiving “The Bars.”

How about it? Would you be willing to stop the squabbles and frustration around getting your child to study, and consider gently touching their head instead? It could transform your relationship, as well as their performance in school!

Access Consciousness was developed in 1990 by Gary Douglas, of Santa Barbara, CA. More information about Access Consciousness can be found at the website, www.accessconsciousness.com. You can find Bars facilitators and classes near you listed on the Access site. Many Bars Facilitators are gypsies at heart and would be willing to travel to present a class to a group in your location. Find a facilitator world-wide to request a class in your area if there is not one already listed.



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Sophy Mav

Jul 8, 2010

Awesome explanation. Thank you for this article. Now I can share this with friends who ask me about BARS and all the changes that have happened with me. Thank you.

S xx

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Jul 8, 2010

This is brilliant and it works. I also use questions as well and I can see the difference it has made with my son Alexi, as well as my nephew ( who no one apparently can handle) but always calms down after I ask for permission to destroy & uncreate from his past lives. HDITABTT?

Regardless to say Alexis is excelling at school!

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