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Magic. You ARE It. BE It.

June 22, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

Magic Dr. Dain Heer

You should, because you’ve been creating it since you were born! So says Dr. Dain Heer, co-author of the book Magic. You ARE It. BE It.

Every time we ask for something and it shows up in our lives, we are creating magic, according to Dr. Heer. Yet how often do we attempt to explain that magic away by attributing it to “coincidence,” “serendipity,” “fate,” “destiny,” “something that just happened,” “the right timing,” “luck,” or “it was meant to be?”

The difficulty we create for ourselves in using such logical, rational explanations is that we actually stop more magic from showing up in our lives, explains Dr. Heer. Conversely, every time we acknowledge that we created those magical events in our lives, it opens doors for us to receive even more magic. It gives us the ability to recognize the magic we have asked for when it shows up.

If you’re wondering how this applies to you, you might wish to do the homework Dr. Heer recommends in the classes he has facilitated world-wide on the subject of magic.

Look back over your life, he instructs workshop participants, and write down every time you thought about something or asked for something and it showed up, as if by magic. Then look at that list of events and acknowledge it wasn’t coincidence, serendipity, or an accident, but something you actually created.

The last step in this Magic 101 assignment is for you to acknowledge to yourself (out loud if it helps) that you created those events, and to then ask, “What else is possible?”

If you’re starting to suspect that magic may be easier than you ever thought, and it might not require you to have all the special effects prowess of the Harry Potter movies, then you’re starting to get the idea of magic as Dr. Heer sees it.

Magic, according to Heer, is “when what you would like to have in your life actually shows up and you are willing to have it. When you get what you desire and can create it and receive it; that is magic.” Having that magic is a lot easier than most of us suspect, says Dr. Heer, who has many techniques which facilitate replacing the force, effort, and control of our lives with what he calls “the true ease, joy, and glory that is possible.”

The key to having this magic in our lives is to have the willingness to receive it. The real magic of life is in receiving, but most of us are so busy trying to control everything that happens that we don’t have the time or space left in our lives to actually receive.

Among the tools that Dr. Heer recommends to increase our receiving is to ask questions. Questions, he says, create possibilities greater than we could imagine, whereas answers limit what the universe can send us to only what matches that answer, nothing greater. We can only imagine what we can think about, Heer points out, and the universe has far more possibilities available than we can think about or ever imagine. So depending only on our own imagination is a limitation in itself.

Among the questions Dr. Heer recommends using in everyday life are:

  • How does it get any better than this?
  • What are the infinite possibilities?
  • What would it take for ___ to show up?

Each of these questions has its own wisdom. “How does it get any better than this?” obviously applies when something you’re not desiring occurs. But what about using it when something you like or are really happy about occurs? Do you want that good stuff to stop, or would you like more of it to start showing up too? Asking “how does it gets any better than this?” when something good or bad happens is a way to invite more magic into your life. With this question you are asking the universe to show you how it gets any amount better than it currently is. The cool part is you don’t have to know how, that is the universe’s job to provide the way. You asking this question allows the universe to provide, it will show you “how.” The universe will show you the steps, the choices and the possibilities when you ask this question.

“What are the infinite possibilities?” is a question that can shift you out of being set on a particular outcome, into inviting the universe to send you lovely surprises; something greater than you could imagine, and you would never considered possible in a million years. This is a vast and abundant universe that has no limit to what is possible. The only limitation is what you are willing to ask for and receive. When you ask this question you are putting the universe into motion on your behalf to deliver something you could have never come up with on your own, could never manipulate into existence no matter how clever and requires no effort. If you desire something greater in life, and are open to having more than you could imagine, this is a great question to start asking. What magic does the universe have waiting for you? With this question you may need a little patience, as sometimes the universe has to re-arrange itself to deliver what you have asked for. Your patience, trust and willingness to receive are key.

“What would it take for _____(whatever you’re asking for) to show up?” invites your creation to move from the linear world of cause and effect into the universe where magic can occur. “What would it take?” asks the universe to start working for you. It is a far better question than “How can I do that?” When we ask a question with “how,” we tend to go into the logical linear process of trying to identify step A, step B, etc. This very linear logical process blocks the possibility of magic showing up in our lives. The magic and beauty of this is we don’t have to come up with “how,” that is the job of the infinite universe. Asking “What would it take?” gets us out of that linearity-and into the realm where magic is possible.

When we ask a “how” question, we are asking for the steps. When we ask “what” questions, we are calling on the consciousness of the universe to show us and provide infinite possibilities. “What” questions open the door for what we are asking to come into existence, and actually show up in our life. What if having more magic in our life had nothing to do with belief? What if creating the magic of what we would really like in our lives were as easy and simple as asking a question? Looking for an answer stops infinite possibility, asking questions opens the door to infinite possibility. Now that is magic!

You are invited to join Dr. Dain Heer on his worldwide teleconference on Magic, which starts July 14. For more information about Dr. Heer’s classes and products, visit www.AccessConsciousness.com, or his personal website, www.DrDainHeer.com.

Article written by Kacie Crisp and edited by Heather Smith and Chris Hughes – thank you for their support!



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Jun 22, 2010


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Jun 25, 2010

I love it!!!! Thank you for the reminder!!!!!!!

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Clem Clarke

Aug 4, 2010

Yes, too, thanks for the reminder. It is a great book.

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