Have You Lost Your ‘Mojo’?

October 22, 2021

Feeling “meh” or just “okay?”

What if it was possible to move from just surviving to actually thriving and wake up excited about the day ahead!

As the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas says, “What if the purpose of life was to have fun? Are you having any yet?”

If you’re not feeling motivated, or just aren’t feeling your best lately, you’re not the only one – researchers have coined a new term: “languishing”, to describe the sense of stagnation or emptiness that many people are feeling after more than a year of lockdowns, isolation and a new normal.

If you’ve found yourself in this boat lately, there are tools to change this! Here are four things you can do to get that spring back in your step.

Step One: Identify what isn’t working for you and change it.

If you’re feeling “blah” or like you’ve lost your sense of enthusiasm for life, that could be because something in your life is no longer serving you.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! In fact, what if it could work out for the better? One of the thousands of tools we have in Access Consciousness is asking questions. One question to ask daily could be “What’s right about this, I’m not getting?”

Asking questions stops you from going down the rabbit hole of negativity into a whole universe of possibilities.

One of the reasons things no longer serve us is because we are no longer doing things that are true for us, out of a sense of obligation or a feeling that we “should” do these things.

What if the things that are not true for you aren’t bad or wrong, but simply opportunities to discover what is right for you?

All of those things that are no longer true for you can now be opportunities for transformation and new possibilities.

You may discover that examining these areas of your life with a sense of curiosity will allow you to create something even greater from those situations.

Step Two: What if the thoughts in your head aren’t yours?

What we found in Access Consciousness is that 98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t belong to you. Just ponder, what if 98% of what is in your head, didn’t have to be in your head anymore?

Does that bring a sense of relief to your body? Most of us are like big psychic sponges that pick up on a lot of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone around us.

Simply ask “who does it belong to?” to every thought, feeling and emotion you have. If it lightens up, it is not yours. You can do this to the heaviness, judgment, depression and “blah” you feel.

What you start to realize is that most of these “feelings” aren’t even yours. How many sad people are there on the planet right now. Asking “who does it belong to?” to every thought, feeling and emotion starts to get back to a sense of you. You might realize this “blah” is not yours.

Step Three: Ask questions.

If you’re still looking for your mojo, the next step is to ask questions.

Like we mentioned earlier, the reason we love questions is that they get us out of a state of conclusion, and give us the awareness of possibilities we haven’t yet considered.

Instead of deciding “well, I guess I’ve lost my mojo and that’s it for me! I’d better resign myself to feeling a bit blah,” what about playing with the following questions:

  • If I could be, do or have anything in this world, what would I be, do or have?

  • What would it take for me to create a sense of joy in my life today, or this very minute?

  • What else is possible here that I haven’t considered?

And when you start to have the awareness of new possibilities, go ahead and choose them!

Step Four: Run your Bars!

Having your bars run is like emptying out the recycling bin on your computer’s hard drive – only way more satisfying. It’s a way to clear out all the heaviness, the noise chatter and limiting self beliefs that may have been making you feel as if you’ve lost your spark.

What’s left is a blank slate for you to rediscover the mojo that was in you all along!

Wanting some extra support to help get your mojo back?

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