What If You Asked Your Body Questions For Its Wellness?

September 13, 2021

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Dr. Dain Heer

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Is there something regarding your body that you would like to change?

Perhaps you are experiencing pain. Perhaps you are dealing with disease.

Or maybe you would simply like to have more of an overall sense of wellness.

What if healing was possible? What if change was possible and what if it could be easy?

Most of us are not taught about our bodies.

We learn the basics in school about how bodies function, but little information is given about actually having a connection with our body.

Typically, when something is off with our bodies, we look for the answer – the right answer.

We read books and gather information.

Based on this information, we try various things; diets, herbs and healing modalities, to mention a few.

We can spend a lot of time and money and often experience little, if any, results.

Would you be willing to consider a slightly different perspective?

What if your body knows what it requires? What if your body knows what it would take to create the change and the healing you are seeking?

What if you began to talk to your body and ask it questions? Ask it to heal. Ask if there is a food, vitamin, etc. that would contribute to it.

Here’s a tip: Ask your body about everything that concerns it.

Body, what would you like to wear? What would you like to eat? What would be fun for you? What kind of movement would you like to do (exercise?) Who would you like to have sex with?

Here’s how this works. Let’s take clothes as an example. You walk into your closet. You ask your body, “What would you like to wear today? Something stands out. Go with that.

When people begin to communicate with their bodies, the results are phenomenal.

A lady wanted to lose weight. She had tried diet after diet with little success. She began to communicate with her body and to ask it questions. She said, “Body, we could stand to lose some weight. What do you require for this to happen?

Shortly after, she was walking in the park. She overheard some people talking about a particular diet. Her body was like, “Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” She literally leaped over a park bench to get to the people and asked about this diet. She went on the diet and quickly obtained her desired weight.

Communion with your body is something you develop. Asking your body about everything that concerns it is extremely simple, but it’s as dynamic a change as learning a brand new language. It’s learning your body’s language.

You ask a question with words. Your body responds with energy.

As you continue to ask, you begin to know the language of your body and what it’s saying becomes clear.

I invite you to play with asking your body questions and see what miracles you and your body can create!

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