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Are you a Body Whisperer?

May 12, 2021

What if starting a conversation about our bodies could be the beginning of a brand new way of seeing, being, and healing the world? Your body is talking, are you listening to the whispers?

Introducing you – and the world – to a brand new book inviting us to step into the phenomenal capacities for body whispering that we all have available but were never invited to learn!

Body Whispering A New Way of Seeing, Being & Healing

A book that can give you the tools for a totally different paradigm when it comes to healing, change, and transformation for you, the bodies around you, and your clients.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Judgment is a killer. It’s a killer of possibilities, it’s a killer of space, it’s a killer of energy, it’s a killer of joy, it’s a killer of happiness. Moreover, it’s the number one cause of pain, suffering and illness on the planet.

As a body whisperer, understanding more about judgment and its destructive and limiting nature puts you in a place where I believe hardly any other healers on the planet are right now, and a place where you can bring change into your own world and the world of the people you work on with real ease.

~ Dr. Dain Heer

What is a body whisperer? Do you know if you are one? Are you ready to find out?

This book will give you the tools to:

  • Discover how to have communion with your body and enjoy the gift it can be.
  • Stop draining yourself by giving up the need to heal others.
  • Realize the body transformation that is possible from choice and awareness.
  • Learn your body’s language of energy and start listening to it in a whole new way.
  • Understand what the pain in your body is trying to tell you.

body whispererToday we can make Body Whispering a BESTSELLER and allow it to reach even more people. You can sign up and listen to the intro and first chapter for free here, read by Dain!

Every healer in the world needs to read the Body Whispering Book. If you have ever wondered why as a healer you felt exhausted, wrong, judged, this book will give you the tools and insight to acknowledge your capacities and see you as the gift you truly are in the world.”

Dr. Anthony Mattis – Chiropractor & ASB Facilitator



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