Is Money The Source For Creation Of The Future We Desire?

September 20, 2021

Imagine having all the money in the world, what would life be like then? Most people assume all their problems would be over―happy days!

Wait a minute. Is that really so or is that how you pre-determine the future in order to control it?

“Why is controlling the outcome greater than the adventure of living?” founder of Access Gary Douglas asked on this month’s Creative Edge telecall.

Pre-determining an outcome is like taking a huge tree with a whole big, beautiful root system and trying to shove it into a tiny pot. That way you can predict the outcome, determine your choices, always be right and make no mistakes!

The real adventure is to ask, what would life be like with all the money in the world? How would it turn out? What would having all that money look like?

“I want to have a wonderful life. In which I wonder, what else was possible?” Gary quipped.

If you’ve been to an Access class, then you will know there are four elements to create anything. Asking questions, making choices, being open to possibilities and contribution, allow your creations to be far greater than anything you can think of.

“When you pre-determine what’s going to happen, you limit what you can receive,” Gary pointed out.

When you are not pre-determining what you’re choosing, but choosing according to what would be the greatest gift, you are being a gift to the world.

Everything you chose is a gift to the world

Every choice you make is creative. You just don’t know how, or when it will show up. The secret is to give up predetermining everything. Then, you’ll find that your creations show up faster, greater, and more magnificently than you ever thought possible.

This is the energy behind El Lugar, an eco-resort under construction in the heart of the rainforest in Costa Rica. A hidden place where time stopped 100 years ago.

As Gary said, “My life is not about money. My life is about creating a difference in the world that changes the world to be a better place. Whether it’s now or in the future. For me or everybody else.”

What if you knew there were greater possibilities than you’d ever chosen?

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