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Creating A Different Collective Reality

August 05, 2021

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Dr. Dain Heer

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You never know when and how inspiration will strike. Recently, while browsing social media, I read this phenomenal post by Sustainable Human. I highly suggest you read it, it’s a beautifully written piece about the cicadas.

I noticed that someone had commented on the post that the best thing that can happen to this planet is for humans to die out.

To which Sustainable Human replied: “Or we can realize that we are an integral part of nature too and begin living in way that supports all life. That is possible too.”

I was lit up, and inspiration struck. The whisper to comment and share what I was aware of was so potent, I immediately started typing. “Sustainable Human THIS! YES! Please pardon the monologue your beautiful post inspired…”

I was thankful for their insightful reply and their phenomenal post, and the gratitude and awareness of the beautiful creatures that inhabit this planet.

This too, is a choice we all have available. And WE MUST CHOOSE.

One choice can begin the metamorphosis which changes our whole perspective, our reality, and our outlook on the world.

Choosing is the necessary first act to lead us in the direction of what we desire that is different from the past, or the reality we currently see before us.

Until we choose the path to actualize that choice cannot be seen. We must choose.

And even then, only the first step can be seen, and we must actually take that first step before the second step can be perceived. We must take that step before the third presents itself. And so on, until what we asked for becomes our new reality: one step, one choice, and one action at a time.

There is tremendous power in CHOICE.

So, if you desire a world where we function as stewards of this beautiful planet and all of its creatures, one place to start could be by asking: “What choice can I make today that would create the world I truly desire right away?”

I do this. I ask this question every day, and it is amazing what shows up that I never considered possible.

Next, act based on the awareness you get from asking that question. In whatever way will most quickly bring that to fruition.

It could be by delivering kindness in a challenging situation, planting a tree, making a call to a long-adored friend. And so many other things.

We have no idea what choices are required to create a different reality because we have not experienced that different reality yet, which is why we must ask the questions that open the door to the different choices that are here and available that we never saw before.

Or maybe, just maybe, those possibilities didn’t exist until we asked the question of, what would it take to create a different reality and our question opened the door for those possibilities to become reality.

It is our collective questions that open the doorways to the choices for the different possibilities that are available for us all.

It is our collective choices that can create a different collective reality.

If you, like me, would like a different reality here on Earth, what can YOU choose to allow it to show up?

Maybe ask: “What different choice can I make today?”

And: “What can I choose, that no one else is even aware of, that would allow it to exist?”

There are many phenomenal people choosing what no one else could even perceive possible, that are actualizing things that are creating a greater world for all of us.

Is it because they are greater than you or me? No.

It is because they simply chose to not be stopped from what they knew was possible—even if no one else got it.

They acted on what they knew. And they kept (and keep) choosing to create the world they know is possible.

We have the power to create a different world.


If we choose.

Thank you, friends, for walking through this with me. I know that with more of us choosing possibility in stewardship, the greater we can create for and with this beautiful planet.

What choice can you make today that would create the world we truly desire right away?

What future is being created by your choices? What if every single action you take contributes to the future that is being created?

Check out Actions for Future. Actions for Future is about empowering people to know that they are the ones creating the future and each of their choices contribute to creating future that is truly possible.

We are the one creating the map to the future. That is how important we are. Are you interested to find out more? See some of the projects we are creating that you can be part of as well here.



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