What If Life Is The Business You Are Really In?

August 12, 2021

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Gary Douglas

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Gary Douglas is a bestselling author, international speaker and business innovator. As the founder of Access Consciousness®, a global movement that transforms lives with simple-yet-profound tools, Gary has become an internationally recognized thought-leader, facilitator and pioneer.

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Is business something you do for money?

Is business something you do for joy?

What if life is the business you are really in?

Many of the people that I work with around the world have been doing business from the point of view that they have to do it to survive and to make enough money to get by rather than from a sense of thriving.

What if business could be far greater than this?

And is your life the business you try to avoid running at all costs?

What kind of CEO are you in the business called your life? Do you have a sense of fun and adventure about your life or in business?

Do you look at what you can create and generate that would be expansive for you?

Or do you create from reaction to the people and things and opinions around you, as if that were the source for your choices?

Businesses that are thriving today are willing to do things different and be different. Their focus is on creation, innovation and what else is possible.

Businesses that create from the point of view of ‘these are economically difficult times for our company to be profitable’ do not look at what can be added or done different with more ease because they have already decided that pretty much the only solution is to cut costs and staff and work harder and longer in order to create profit.

Well, that’s one way to do it, but what if there were ways to create that were much more of a contribution to your life and your body, what would you choose?

In the Great Depression, there were people who made a lot of money. For example, a lot of money was made in the entertainment industry.

Why was that?

Because people still wanted to be entertained. They were willing to spend their hard-earned money on entertainment.

A lot of businesses were created during the Great Depression, and many of them thrived and expanded.

I have never run businesses the way that I have been told to.

I have received a lot of ‘advice’ from so-called experts and professionals – and still do.

I have been told straight out that what I am doing with my business is wrong and yet when I am willing to follow what I know and not buy the point of view of other people and am willing to do things that sometimes don’t even make sense to me, my business always grows and expands in amazing and unexpected ways!

I am willing to trust what I know and I am willing to ask the business what it requires to thrive.

They key is being willing to acknowledge that you know what it takes for you to thrive.

Has it ever really worked when someone told you what to do – ‘this is the right way, you have to do it this way’ or were the people who really gave you a sense of you and what would work for you the ones who asked ‘ what do you know? What would you like to be?’

What if you were willing to nurture and care for you and your business in that way?

Ask your business ‘what do I need to be and do different here to generate more money right away?’

Ask yourself ‘what do I know here?

What can I be or do different that would allow me to thrive now and in the future?’

And be willing to follow what feels light, even if it doesn’t make sense!

And don’t go towards what feels heavy and limiting, or a necessity – you already know where that leads, do you really want to create more of that?

What if you truly are the desert-weed of this reality and you can thrive anywhere? Is now the time to look for the possibilities rather than focus on the problems?

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