Can Access Bars Change Your Life?

August 24, 2020

20 years ago Dr Dain Heer had got to a point where life was misery, suffering and no hope. It seemed like there was no viable way to change his life for the better. From this unhappy space, Dain decided that the only option for him was suicide.

He made a demand of the universe:

Either this changes, or I’m killing myself.

Then he discovered Access Bars.

From his very first Access Bars session, Dr. Dain Heer realized that all was not lost. The simple body process, called ‘The Bars’, literally . saved his life.

When Dain first started getting Access Bars regularly and using the additional tools, he started sharing the transformational possibilities of them with others.

And when they used the tools, other people’s lives started changing too.

Here are some of the key questions and tools that Dain talks about in the video:

One of the benefits of having your Access Bars run is that you get to let go of layers of “stuff” and uncover more of the beautiful energy underneath…which is more of who you truly be. Would you uncovering more of the true “you” change your life?

Many people have found that having their Access Bars run helps to reduce anxiety, depression and there’s more information on a related study here.

What else are you capable of that you’ve not been giving yourself credit for being?

If you are desiring to change your life, what if these tools could contribute to you?

Discover more about Access Bars here.



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