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Turning The World Upside Down In One Hour

April 14, 2020

The VERY first Energetic Synthesis of Being session I had with Dain Heer blew my whole world apart.

I know people say things like that, and it just sounds like big words. But the amount of energy that went through my body, the amount of energy that I could perceive, and the amount of energy that suddenly was part of my world, there’s just no description for that.

After the session, I opened my eyes, and everything was different. Every point I had tied my reality into, every point where I had decided this is how I keep everything in place, had been taken away.

It was kind of like in the book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, where the hero is a giant in Lilliput Land, tied down by thousands of tiny little threads. Those tiny little threads had been there my whole life, telling me:

This is how big you can get.

This is how far you can reach

This is how wild you can get.

This is how deep you can go.

All those threads decided how and who I could be.

And now they are gone.

Yes, some of them came back, some are still around — and that session started to change everything.

Watch a short film where I talk more about that here!

After that day, I knew that there was something more than I had ever imagined possible. I knew that the world is not just what I can read and write and think with my brain.

There’s something so much bigger that I can’t describe or understand cognitively.

There is a whole different world available.

Katarina Wallentin

PS. You watch six other short films about THE SYNTHESIS here.



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