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What do YOU know about choice?

February 24, 2020

What do YOU know about choice?

What if there was a way to choose with ease? And what if choosing could go from being a nerve wracking experience with limited options to fun, play, joyful, easy, and filled with possibilities? That’s what started showing up for me after my first Choice Of Possibilities class.

“Every choice you make, opens the door to many many many possibilities…” ~Brendon Watt

For me, the gift of this class is that it gave me the sense that there is choice. That there is always choice, no matter what is going on… And that there are so many more choices than I could possibly imagine…

I used to believe I only had two choices: #1. To stay in a dreary job and continue living life this way the rest of my life, or #2. Choose to leave the planet. I definitely had succumbed to black and white thinking. How many of us do that and believe those are our only two options? What if there is something possible beyond this?

With the Choice of Possibilities class, a door opened to SO MUCH MORE…. A huge array of choices, a plethora of possibilities that I could create with my life and living. And what I’m finding is that I don’t just have one choice. I have ‘this choice’ and ‘this choice’ and ‘this choice’.

What this class created for me was massive. It made me realize that life actually could be fun. And it contributed to me recognizing that I could create an amazing life with the choices I made in every moment.


One of my favorite tools of choice is the tool of “10 second increments”. What if you made choices every 10 seconds?

You can ask yourself. “What can I choose in these 10 seconds?” And then take action on that. After those 10 seconds, you can ask, “Ok, what next? What can I choose now?” And 10 seconds later, “What can I choose now?”

What begins to occur is this forward momentum of movement and play with the universe. There’s no time to think about what’s next. Instead, you just ask and follow your knowing. It’s so fun, and I find magical things find me while I do this. It also helped me to realize that I didn’t have to “get it right.” I could just choose again. I could even (gasp!) “get it wrong”!

When I first started to use this tool, I challenged myself to do it non-stop for 15 minutes, and I was amazed with how much I created over those 15 minutes. The next day, I chose to play with this for two hours. It was and is so fun!


The universe desires to gift to us massively. Do you ever get a random thought to go somewhere, and once you get there you run into someone you haven’t seen in years? What if the world is teeming with so many possibilities it would like to gift you? What if it is a banquet of fun, joy, and play? What if there is a richness to life and living?

What this class has created for me is that I now realize that there are SO MANY possibilities out there, and that it can be fun to explore what are these possibilities! What if you could have that too?

What if, right now, you also asked…

If I were choosing what was true for me right now, what would I choose? What would be possible then? And how much fun can I have in the process?

To explore this area more and find out more details about the Choice of Possibilities Class, please visit here.



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