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How Do You Create The Future You Desire?

December 13, 2019

What if the choices you make today and your actions today are actually creating your future? If that were the case, will your current choices create the future you desire?

Or are there things that you would do or choose different?

Did you realize that every action you take is part of creating your life as it currently is? Take a quick look back at your life now and look at some of the things you chose. Do you begin to realize how your life got shaped by those choices and how you got to where you currently are?

Every time you take an action or make a choice you are actually creating the future that you will have to live in.

You don’t have to get it right

You don’t have to know in advance what that future is going to be. Or make the “right” choice to create the “right” future for yourself and the planet.

You can just ask, will this create the future you desire?

On this podcast, Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness® and his daughter, Shannon O’Hara talk about ‘Actions for Futures’ and what that means for your life. Go here to listen to ‘Consciousness Anywhere’.

Gary and Shannon discuss how choosing for a greater future opens the door for you to receive more and create more ease in your life.

How do you create for your future?

Do you even acknowledge the future that could be possible? And if you do, are you willing to recognise that you are instrumental in the way that it shows up? This goes for the future of your life and for the future of the life of our planet.

What kind of life do you want to live?

People want to think you have to do something else, and you have to do hard work. Non of that actually works. It’s really easy to know what choices will work if you know that you are targeting creation. Choosing for greater has this interesting reciprocal affect in the universe. It opens the door for you to receive. We have this point of view that we have to do to get, rather than we have to choose to receive.

Receiving is not ‘I get’. Receiving is truly, I am aware of.

When you receive, you are aware of everything around you, everything that is occurring and everything that’s possible.

What is Actions for Futures?

A Superfund for possibilities

So how can you can start investing in your future? Actions for Futures is a superfund for possibilities. It is not about trying to fix the world. One of our targets with Actions for Futures is to create the space where people can begin to realise and open up to what they can create.

It is about beginning to see and being willing to take action towards the world you’d like to create.

Discover more about Actions For Futures projects, adventures and how you can become involved:



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