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What Is an Access Consciousness 7 Day Event?

October 13, 2019

How can you define something as undefinable as an Access Consciousness 7 Day Event?

Dain describes it as:

An immersively wonderful experience and spaciously intense

Gary says:

It kills the insanity that people have been functioning from.

What if your presence at an Access Consciousness 7 day event could create the level of possibilities you know is possible and available for the world?

For your world.

This is a creation with those of you who come and join these 7 day events and are willing to have possibilities as a reality.

A greater space of awareness.

It’s definitely different.

It’s not normal.

These 7 day events create a space of changing so much in a way that is easier than we ever thought it could be.

Have you always known that there’s a greater level of possibilities available, that you’ve just never been able to reach alone?

If you are willing to have expansive possibilities as a reality, this 7 day event could be fun for you.

If you are committed to playing small and keeping things the way they are, definitely don’t come!



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