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The Space of Your Awareness

January 06, 2016

Whenever you desire change, you have to be willing to go to the unknown spaces that are often uncomfortable.

Have you ever tried to make your world very small, as a way of keeping uncomfortable at bay? What is funny is that the earth is this huge space that you fill with ‘solid’ obstacles as a way of getting in your way. What if none of these obstacles are as real as you have made them? What if you could choose the freedom of awareness that expanding your space into the unknown invites you to?

Animals (especially wild ones) will contribute a huge amount of space to you if you are willing to receive their gift. Space is natural to the wild, it invites you to develop your awareness and your sense of everything that exists beyond the seen.

When you have space, your senses turn on in totally different ways. You discover you have senses without names, that no-one else is even aware of. This is just the start of the magic of you and your awareness.

To find out where there is a 7 Day Event with Gary Douglas. Imagine choosing to show up there as the true space of you… with no apologies, no ‘less than’ and no limitations. The space of your awareness is just the start of what this class can contribute to you!

Huge natural spaces have no judgment, no expectations and no separation. If you receive these gifts, they open up the space for you to choose a new reality with ease. To choose new ways of being in the world. To choose new ways of sensing the choices you could make. To choose awareness over unconsciousness. To choose practical magic instead of the limits of this reality.

What if your eyes actually give you the least amount of information available? What if there are other ways of knowing that you have not yet discovered?

“I read that Indians could walk on the land in the dark and never hurt themselves. I used to go out in the trails in the mountains and take my shoes and socks off. I learned to walk in the dark ‘seeing through my feet’ as they called it. I became aware of how to move so that I was always balanced. Even if I ran into something that was pointy and sticky, I could adjust my weight on my feet so I never got hurt. That was my way I developed my senses of presence and awareness.” Gary Douglas

What if this is just the start of what is possible with our bodies and with the earth and the space that we are? What if a tiny bit of uncomfortable is actually the path leading us directly towards the changes we are asking for?

The 7 Day classes are about creating your reality, no longer being at the effect of what currently exists. Is this reality enough for you? To create YOUR reality you must demand of yourself that the greatness that you are shows up.

When you make that demand you begin to stand tall in those spaces where you have crawled on your knees like a baby in the past. Whether you choose to stand and run towards a greater future is always your choice.

When you choose the space of your awareness, you run faster into the futures that are possible. When you choose the contraction of your conclusions you choose the diminishment of you. This is where you cut away your very life force, your possibility of exuberance, the capacity to be the totality of communion with our planet, its wildlife and your reality.

What space of awareness can you choose that you’ve never chosen before?

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