Access Bars and the Science Behind It Made Simple

January 04, 2016

What showed up when Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, neuroscientist and executive director of Center for Cognitive Enhancement, interviewed Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer about energy, space and consciousness, the Access Bars and the science behind it made simple?

Here’s the replay of this lively discussion as well as a few highlights from the show!

Dr. Fannin on his first experience with the Access Bars:

“I processed the data in every possible form that I could and the message was clear, this is incredible change that is happening” and then I received the Bars myself and after the session “the amount of clarity in my life was just amazing.”

Dr. Fannin asks Gary and Dain: What is “Ask and You Shall Receive” all about?

Gary Douglas: A question empowers the universe to help us – and we think we have to come up with an answer but the universe knows way more than we do. When you ask a question you open the door to a greater level of awareness than when you try to come to answer, conclusion or justification.

When you truly ask a question without intending to get a specific answer the universe will show you things that you never realized were possible and give you gifts that you’ve always known should be but nobody ever showed you how to have them. That, to me, is the greatest gift that Access is ALL the time. It’s just amazing, always.

Dr. Fannin asks: Is it really that simple?

Dr. Dain Heer: On the one hand yes, and on the other hand no. What’s happened is we’ve been conditioned over so many years to only accept certain neuro-pathways that we create and sort of embed in our world as though that’s the only source for our reality. What we’ve found is that for anything you judge or decide, nothing that doesn’t match that judgment or decision can come into your world or even into your awareness because you’ve excluded it with your judgment. Is it that simple, yes, but most people have so many points of view that get in the way of the ease of receiving. Like they have to work hard to get something, or this is the way it has to be and work. There’s a simpler way of looking at life.

Dr. Fannin asks: Is it about getting out of your own way by allowing and surrendering?

Gary Douglas: If you can allow something to be what it is you don’t become the effect of any part of it. Which means you have no point of view. Allowance means no point of view. And, I don’t call it surrender because surrender is the idea that you gave up. None of us give up very well. I don’t give up well. It’s more about being present with what is and asking “what is this? what do I do with it? Can I change it? If so, how do I change it?”

Listen to the full show
for a scientific explanation of “Your Point of View Creates Your Reality, Reality Does Not Create Your Point of View” and hear about what Dr. Fannin is excited about with regards to the Access Bars Study coming out in 2016!

Dr. Fannin asks about change: When you start thinking about change — you’re either reluctant or bring it on… why?

Dr. Dain Heer: People think if they change they’re going to lose something. We have this idea that things should stay the same and are reluctant to create a change for fear that what comes after it will be worse. Then, people get the awareness that change is cool and always leads to something greater even if it seems painful at the start. After reading this book (Being You, Changing the World), people have a totally different relationship with change itself and the capacity to create it.

Dr. Fannin asks: What’s the Clearing Statement? What’s the purpose of using it?

Dr. Dain Heer: A lot of us have made choices in our lives that we wish we could go and take back. What’s funny is a lot of them we don’t remember cognitively but the energy of it is still with us. What happens is this clearing statement functions on the idea that you can make a different choice and your choice today can change a limited choice you made in the past.

During this segment, Dr. Fannin continues by explaining the science and quantum physics of the Clearing Statement and Gary responds with, “That was beautiful because what I saw is how it has its physiological ramifications and actualization of what occurs.”



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Sumangala Bhat

Nov 22, 2017

Very interesting. How can I know more about access bars?

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Access Consciousness

Nov 22, 2017

Learn more and find a facilitator at www.accessthebars.com

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