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Would An Infinite Being Need To Belong?

July 27, 2019

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Our deep-seated urge to belong is a powerful need that politicians and priests and advertisers have been exploiting down the ages. It dictates what we buy, where we live, the gods we do or don’t worship, who we allow into our lives—and practically every choice we make. But because it “feels” right to belong, we rarely question it.

There is a new conversation in Access shedding light on this topic and it involves stratifications.

In geology, stratification is the layering that occurs in sedimentary rocks like the veins where gold or silver exist in the earth.

Then, there are invisible stratifications—essentially, it’s why birds of a feather flock together.

“The people in a particular city are in that city because they’ve got similar stratifications. It feels like them to them,” Co-Creator of Access Consciousness, Dr Dain Heer explained recently.

“Stratification is how you create a place and a space where you feel like you belong. Basically, it becomes the sum total of everything you will not receive, be, choose, enjoy, and create.”

On this month’s Creative Edge call, Dain and Founder of Access, Gary Douglas, were exploring the theme of, “When are you going to choose to be you, regardless of anybody else’s reality, requirements or desirements?”

Most relationships, Gary said, are based on stratifications which is what makes you feel comfortable with another person.

“You stratify with people you feel are like you, which is how most of you have created your relationship,” Gary explained.

“In order to make your judgments right, you have to stratify with people who have the same kind of judgments.”

The difficulty with stratifications is that they give you a pre-chosen world and life, which suits some people just fine. They would rather have the problem they know, than the possibility they don’t.

“Take the pill of stratification and your entire life will be defined—and you won’t have to choose again!” Dain joked.

The adventure of living

If living your version of Groundhog Day doesn’t appeal to you, then you might want to consider eliminating your stratifications.

“If you got rid of your stratifications you’d actually have infinite choice. Oh no, that would be bad—don’t do it!” Dain added.

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