Highlights of the Week: Happiness, Being A Parent and Expectations

June 26, 2019

READ. WATCH. LISTEN. – Highlights of the Week

Some of the fun topics revealed this week include…Happiness, could it be that simple? Can being a parent be easier than you think? And what effect does the pressure of expectations and projections really have on what you’re trying to create?


Somewhere I have always known that if I was happy, everything else in my life would work.

So often it’s the very things that we do to try to “get happy” that keeps it so elusive. In truth, you can choose to be happy, for no reason! It doesn’t have to be as complicated as we’ve been led to believe. Let’s take a closer look…

Read more here: Is Happiness Really A Choice? By Dr. Dain Heer


Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt talk Parent – Child Relationships Done Different in their No More Sugar Coating Vlog.

Stop trying to get it right! We look at what we wish for our kids but the question is what would they like to choose for themselves?

So what other possibilities are available to you as a parent (or a child)….. With no more sugar coating. What really is going on. What really is required. What really works.

What if being a parent didn’t have to be a struggle? How can you have a different relationship with your kids?


In this episode of Consciousness Anywhere, Shannon O’Hara and her father, the founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas speak about how projections, expectations, separations, rejections, and judgments affect the world and limit possibilities.

When you do projection, separation, expectation, judgment, and rejection – you have to be right, rather than be aware.

When you are in projection and expectation that someone or something should behave or work out in a certain way, if that doesn’t happen, you have to separate and reject you and go into judgment.

Most people have the point of view that judgment is a creative element, however, it is not, and it actually contracts energy and doesn’t lead to expansion.

Listen to discover how to function from creation, which is: question, choice, possibility, and contribution. Every time you choose something, you create something. What are you creating with the choices you’re making? What possibility could you have that you haven’t chosen?

Listen to the full conversation here.