From Rejuvenation to Reverse Aging – Have You Tried The Access Facelift?

June 12, 2019

Anti Aging is Big Business

It seems there’s lots of people interested in reverse aging. In 2015, the global anti-aging market was worth over $140 billion USD. By 2021, it’s estimated that this number will grow to over $216 billion USD. (Market Research Engine)

That’s a lot of money being spent by people around the world on all kinds of procedures, services and devices, ranging from expensive skin care treatments to cosmetic and even plastic surgery.

But these procedures only treat the physical condition. They don’t do anything to change our perspectives on aging, which often lend themselves to judging the person looking back at us in the mirror, no matter how much money we spend on changing things physically.

What if there was another possibility?

What if you could undo the ravages of aging so you could appear younger and more vibrant, without surgery, injections, creams or pills?

And what if, as you experience these physical changes, you could experience other changes, too, as your points of views (aka judgments) about aging shift?

How might this change how you view yourself in the mirror, no matter your age or appearance?

Would you be interested in this other possibility?

If so…

Welcome to the Access Facelift™.

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of aging on the face, while creating similar effects throughout the body. It reverses the effects of gravity and activates the muscle structure in the face that can become less dynamic as you get older. All by having someone place their hands, in a non-invasive way, on your face and upper body.

The Access Facelift is something anyone can receive from an Access Facelift Practitioner.It doesn’t have to be all about reverse aging. As with any kind of Access Body Process, the experience is different for everyone. How might it show up for you?

Here’s how receiving an Access Facelift contributed to Vrinda, from Mumbai, India.

Access Energetic Facelift

“I experienced my first Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift session in July 2017. After a few paid sessions, I loved it so much that I learned it for myself and soon became a Facilitator for this process (so I could offer it – and teach it – to others).

As a teenager, I had very difficult facial skin (acne and pimples) and chubby cheeks and chin. Before working with the Access Facelift, I went for expensive skin care treatments (Kaya and VLCC). Now, I only go in once in awhile for simple clean ups at local salons. In fact, the girl who I go to commented on my facial shift and inspired me to write this testimonial.

The Facelift process not only energizes the face, it also works on hair and tightens your buttocks, waist, etc. The best part is that it is only energy work; there are no creams, filters or injections.

The most beautiful contribution of this process is that it shifts the inside, too, not only the physical. It shifts your points of views of aging and releases all limiting blocks. Your perception towards aging and your looks completely shift. You fall in love with yourself. There is no limit to what this process can create for you.

I know there are many more physically attractive women out there than me and I might have spent many years judging, comparing and feeling “lesser” than them. But now I am completely out of that space and love myself when I see my reflection in the mirror. Even after having put on a few pounds since, I am contented with how I look.

I am so grateful for this sense of being me and loving me. I have so much gratitude for Access Consciousness, Bars, Facelift and Body Processes. If someone like me with such difficult skin can have such a drastic shift, imagine what else is possible for all the people already blessed with great skin?”

How does it get any better than this?

As Vrinda shared with us, “the body decides” how it will receive the Facelift energies. How might your body respond? Is reverse aging possible? What changes – both inside and out – might you experience?

If you would like to experience the Access Facelift for yourself, click here for more information and to find a class near you.