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What future are you creating with your business?

May 24, 2019

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Ask anyone in business what’s their purpose for doing it and the most likely answer will be to make money. A very few people might say their business is about creating change.

“Most people create a business without a future,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas said recently. “The purpose of business is to make a certain amount of money or to get to the point where you can sell the business for X amount of dollars, so you can make more money.”

What if the true purpose of business was never about the endgame and always about creating a world in which more can be created?

On this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall, Gary and Co-creator of Access Dr Dain Heer had a fascinating conversation about accessing your awareness of the future and using that to create a world without end.

“If you’re in the question of, where is this going to lead? What’s this going to create? What else is possible? a whole different universe opens up,” Gary said.

One of the easiest Access tools to use is asking, If I choose this what will my life be like in 5 years? every time you make a choice.

This dynamic question is designed to take you out of judgment because if you’re trying to get your business right or wrong, you must of a necessity give up your futuristic capacities.

“We try to do right, rather than wrong, but they’re both judgments,” Dain pointed out.

When you look from the bigger picture—and even if you think you’ve made mistakes in your business—you become aware of different avenues.

As Gary said, “The good, the bad and the ugly, we create it all. You’ve got to be willing to look at it and go: if I can create this, what else am I capable of creating?”

Start with this. Every morning when you wake up and before you start work, say, everything my business was yesterday I now destroy & uncreate it all. Everything I decided was good, real or true about this business yesterday, I now destroy & uncreate it all.

Do that every day for a minimum of 5 days, or better yet 10 days. Then look at where do you really want to go with your business? What part of it could you destroy that would allow it to expand?

Gary said he destroys and uncreates Access every day, which allows him to change the business when it would lead to greater possibilities. As a result, Access gets bigger in more countries all the time.

Another tool is to indulge in the scenario of absolutely and totally destroying your business and walking away with no money and starting over again.

One of the greatest gifts in life is the ability, and the willingness, to start over again.

“If you do, there’s no end to what can be created,” Dain added.

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