Is This Even Relevant?

March 18, 2019

What are you making relevant about your body that isn’t?

Have you noticed how often new research on anything to do with bodies such as nutrition, health, exercise and sleep is churned out? So much so that staying on top of it all can seem like an uphill task. Fortunately, there’s an Access tool that will give you a lot of freedom. Here’s how it works.

#1 What have you made relevant about your body that actually isn’t?

“We tend to have all this stuff coming at us and we make everything relevant when it’s actually not,” Dr Andrew Gardella explained on a recent Access Consciousness show on Voice America.

How often do you read about some new diet and automatically decide it’s relevant to your body?

“We see something that works for someone else and assume it’s going to work (since) they market it as totally relevant for every body,” Andrew said. “That’s actually not true. What works for one body, doesn’t work for all bodies.”

As an Access 3 day body class facilitator, Dr Gardella regularly invites people to greater ease and possibilities with their bodies. One of the tools he uses, both with himself and others, is asking pertinent questions.

He said, “I work on a lot of bodies. I was getting aches and pains so I started asking my body, is it relevant?

Oftentimes, it wasn’t relevant to him. Andrew was receiving information about what was going on for other people’s bodies that he couldn’t do anything about!

For any pain or dysfunction, use the tool of asking, body, is this relevant? And see what shows up.

#2 What have you made not relevant to your body that actually is?

Is there something you really need to address that you’ve been ignoring? And has it become the elephant in the room?

Christopher Hughes, who was a guest on this particular show, said, “It requires so much courage to look at something without judgment, as opposed to lying to yourself constantly that everything is fine.”

Be willing to look at what really needs to change. What energy is the “relevant elephant” in the room that if you addressed it, would change everything and show up as what you truly desire and are asking for?

#3 Judgment is not relevant

“Judgment never creates and it’s always a lie,” Chris added.

This is the key to living without problems, since all problems are based on judgment. If you didn’t have a judgment of something being right or wrong, could anything be a problem? If nothing were a problem, the only thing relevant would be that which creates more, creates greater, and creates a future!

Is this relevant? is a simple tool that can be used in business, relationship and other areas of life. To find out more, listen to this episode in full.

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