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Where does choice live?

November 29, 2018

Choice doesn’t have a zip code. Yet, how often do people think they must limit their choices because of where they live?

Manager of The Antique Guild, Christopher Hughes, was born in a really small town in the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada.

“A whole of people I grew up with, limited and defined their choices based on where they lived,” Chris said recently on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America. “I was always the weird one saying, There’s got to be more than this—let’s go.”

Chris Hughes and Dr Andrew Gardella were discussing the many myths about choice. For instance, there’s the idea that when you reach a certain milestone like graduating or getting married, then you’ll have more choices available. In show business, there’s the concept of overnight celebrity. If you appear on a magazine cover or a TV show, suddenly your phone will start ringing constantly and you won’t have to make another choice for the rest of your life.

Another myth is thinking your life is on a downward spiral because of a choice you made. How many people have a regret about a wrong or destructive choice that has set their life on a certain path?
“What if that’s just one choice in the ocean of choices you made and it had no relevance to the rest of your life?” Andrew said.

“The nature of choice is, you can always change it,” Chris added. “Choice lives in your ability to say yes or no, to have something or not, without a point of view.”

Here are 2 ways to look at choice from a different perspective.

1 – A multitude of choices
Be aware that one choice isn’t going to get you where you want to go. There are always a multitude of choices available and with every one of them, remember to ask: if I choose this, will this create the future I desire?
“Choice isn’t what people think it is,” Chris explained. “Choice is not necessarily an action. Choice is a willingness for something to be or come into existence.”

2 – Avoid predetermining the result of your choice
How often do we decide or assume what the result of a choice will be? That’s almost never true.

“What if nothing in your reality was predictable because it was all based on choice in the moment and it wasn’t based on anything predetermined?” Chris said.

If you’re ready to embrace living from choice—just start. And, for more choice tools from Andrew and Chris, listen to this episode in full on Voice America.

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