The Planet

Your Choice Creates

December 10, 2018

“I have no other choice.”

How often have you heard those words in a movie or daily life? Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself.

In relationship, and all kinds of life situations, people get to a point where they think they have no choice but to leave, to explode into anger or go hide in a cave.

“Most people in relationship have this thinly or not so thinly veiled anger towards their partner for everything they haven’t been able to choose that they blame their partner for,” Co-creator of Access Consciousness Dr Dain Heer explained recently.

“How much are you choosing your current choicelessness to prove that you were right for the choice you made to be choice-less?”

Does that seem kind of crazy? And, you may have noticed that occur in relationship. The good news is, if you really use the dynamic tools of Access, that anger will subside into true choice.

When did you last choose just for you? was the topic of this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall. If choice has been blurry for you, this conversation is a masterclass. You’ll find many, many gems, here are just a few.

Choice is not automatic; it’s like learning a new language—so practice, practice, practice.

“Go out and do 10 second increments of choice,” founder of Access, Gary Douglas, advised. That’s how he taught himself to choose many years ago.

“I went out into the yard and asked myself: If I was choosing my life, in this 10 seconds what would I choose? Oh, I’d choose to smell that flower.”

Would you smell the flower all day long? Probably not, so in the next 10 seconds what other choice is there?

Secondly, don’t expect your choices to be lit up in neon lights.

“Choice is not a brick,” Dain pointed out. “Choice becomes a feather—or lighter feather—as your space, your awareness and energy expand, and you need to let it get lighter and lighter.”

Thirdly, be willing to choose wrongly.

“Until you get to the point where you choose wrong you actually cannot have choice,” Gary said.

“You have to be able to choose right or wrong, not choose to be right, not choose to be wrong. Choose to choose.”

One way to get over right or wrong choice is by asking: what is this choice going to create?

Then, if something doesn’t turn out the way you intended—and it never does—you can always change it. Lastly, don’t avoid choice because right now, it is critical to the planet’s future.

“If you realized that your job on this planet is to choose that which would create greater possibilities, what would you choose and how would you function?” Dain asked.

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