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What Makes You Valuable?

May 21, 2018

Past lives can be a fascinating window on to what you have been and done previously, particularly if you were someone famous or important like Mozart or Cleopatra.

The trouble is, that lifetime is over. Dwelling too much on it could keep you stuck in the past and stop you from creating everything you’re capable of creating in this lifetime.

“How much of your life are you not having, in order to believe you were important in another lifetime but not this life time?” asked the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas on the Voice America Empowerment channel.

Years ago, Gary began looking at what made him valuable. He realized he had an ability to create change in individuals which then rippled out into the world.

“What makes me valuable is my ability to change one person,” Gary acknowledged.

“Because if I change one person then they change two more, who change two more, who change two more. For me, everything is about figuring out what we can do to change somebody else’s life so they have more choice.”

So, what makes you valuable?

If you knew your importance is based on the happiness you bring to the world, would you stop turning yourself into an emotional basket case — and blossom and enjoy yourself? Even if that made everyone around you uncomfortable?

“Ever notice that when you are sad, people put their arms around you and ask, what’s wrong, honey?” Gary pointed out,

“If you are happy they ask, what drug are you on? You’ve got to be on a drug because you can’t just be happy. Happiness is not a normal state for most people — unhappiness is.”

And even if you were someone famous like Mozart, be willing to out-create that lifetime.

What did Mozart do that you are not doing? One of the things Mozart did was he created music that brought about a shift in the energies of different people.

What would it take for you to create something that’s off-the-wall different than what you think you can create?

To listen to this irreverent conversation on past lives and creating yourself as an emotional basket cases when you’d much rather be happy, go here to catch this replay of the Access Consciousness Show on Voice America.



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