What Is The Gift You Refuse To Be?

May 02, 2018

Imagine you are a joyful child who grows up in a family, or lives in a town full of angry, sad or depressed people — how long will you stay as happy as you truly are? The more likely scenario is that you will grow up with the sense of being inherently bad and wrong for having an essentially joyful nature. This may not be obvious, or cognitive but it’s always there in the background.

“Ever notice that constant state of wrongness you live with? That is the PTSD of this reality,” Co-creator of Access Consciousness® Dr Dain Heer explained recently.

The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD of this reality occurs when you have to conform to the rules and laws of a reality, where suffering and sadness are the norm.

Dain said, “This reality is definitely not based on happiness; everybody suffers it and the sadness and wrongness here are part of the PTSD of this reality.”

Money, religion, culture, family, relationships are all separate sticking points.

Having a physical body is a PTSD system because in this reality you’re not supposed to enjoy your body. Any time you enjoy your body, you have done something wrong, which means you’re waiting to be punished for doing what felt good.

Everything that is considered normal: going to school, getting a job, suffering to get ahead…are all the specifics that determine the problems people can’t seem to overcome.

“You have this idea that what you inherently are is evil. You keep functioning from the PTSD of this reality. The PTSD is created by not ever getting to be you, and knowing there will be something bad and wrong if you ever do step into that thing called you.”

“You have this ability to have a greater gift, a greater capacity,” founder of Access Gary Douglas said, “But you tend to be overwhelmed by the evil of this reality.”

The evil of this reality takes many forms. For example, people who take whatever they personally want and destroy the earth are evil. Anti-consciousness and unconsciousness are evil.

So how do you fight evil?

“You don’t have to fight!” Gary pointed out. “You just have to be the awareness of a greater possibility. What if you acknowledged a greater possibility? What would that create?”

For Dain, there was a time when it felt like this whole reality was constantly against him.

“When Gary and I started doing Access, there was a sense of going against this massive thing that seemed to smack you down at every turn,” Dain recalled. “We soldiered on and powered through. But, finally, not having to go into fight or flight — what an amazing way to live all of your life!”

Once again, imagine that joyful child growing up, except this time they’re not made wrong for being happy — what a gift to the world!

As Dain pointed out, “When you open up a space of being that has never existed, you truly make that space available to everybody — everybody — and they can choose it far easier, where before they didn’t even know it existed.”

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