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Your Awareness Can Truly Change The World

March 05, 2018

The demand for change is everywhere.

In America, young people protesting liberal gun laws after the Florida school shooting — the 18th gun-related incident for the year so far — have struck a deep and resounding chord for change. These young people are articulate and resolute; they will be heard.

“They’re willing to look at a different reality because they already see the government isn’t working and they will not buy the NRA’s point of view,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas pointed out recently.

Since the seventies, a creeping sense of hopelessness has gripped the world; it shows up in dystopian movies, books, even in art.

Dr Dain Heer explained, “Nowadays there’s so much awareness of what we’re doing to destroy the earth itself and to destroy our capacity to live on it and for it to sustain life. People can actually feel the earth dying under their feet.”

In this reality there is no future. It does not exist and many young people are keenly aware of this.

“Rather than looking forward to the future, rather than the future being filled with glorious possibilities, it’s this place of, there probably is not going to be one,” Dain said.

“Where do you see people looking at future possibilities?” Gary queried. “Other than in Access, nobody looks at future possibilities. Everybody looks to the past to see what they’re going to choose. They never look at the future and what will every choice create as a future.”

People often say that children are the future, but at the same time do not recognize that they are infinite beings. Nor do we teach our kids that they have awareness and truly can change the world.

“We talk about valuing life while actually not creating living,” said Gary. “If you look at this reality, we’re trying to save somebody’s life or keep somebody on life support forever. But we don’t actually look at what is living.”

“What is living? Living is the action that one takes in order to facilitate a greater possibility.”

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