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Are You Satisfied With Your Life As It Is?

March 14, 2018

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Marnie Richman

Access Consciousness® Facilitator and Empowerment Coach

Marnie Richman is an Access Consciousness Facilitator. From business to relationship to parenting and more, Marnie facilitates classes and private sessions using the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness® to empower people to create the life they desire.

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Several years ago, while following my 4 year-old around a metaphysical bookstore, my son’s dad was standing in the book section, perusing the various books on how to live happy and healthy, how to achieve oneness, how to, how to, how to…

After a moment of scanning the various topics, he asked out loud, “How do you get this stuff to actually work?” A gentleman standing nearby replied, “Access Consciousness” and proceeded to take out his phone to pull up the website. That day, that encounter, has changed my life forever.

After spending an afternoon on the internet, reading and listening to everything I could find about Access Consciousness, I signed up for my first Access Bars class and within a year, became a certified facilitator.

My life today is unrecognizable from what it was then, and I am so grateful.

Access Consciousness offers many classes, beginning with Access Bars and continuing on. The tools, processes and awareness you receive from each class allow you to increase your receiving which prepares you for the next.

Recently, I attended a Choice of Possibilities (COP) class in Los Angeles with Simone Milasas and Dr. Dain Heer. As I sat listening on that first day, there was an interesting energy in the room. The facilitation was brilliant. And, there was a denseness, a solidity to the space in the room which left me wondering, “What is this? What is this energy that I perceive?” If you have been around Access at all, you have probably heard that questions open the door to all possibilities. Ask… and receive. From the question I asked, “What is this?” came an awareness.

Choice of Possibilities is where you choose more… or you don’t.

If your experience with Access Consciousness is anything like mine, finding the Access Bars was like finding gold. Relax and receive. Someone puts their hands on your head and things start to change. More ease. More joy. More yumminess.

Then there was Foundation. Clearings, tools, processes, questions that were simple and pragmatic. Another amazing discovery! Fun. Easy. Change I had been asking for starting to show up. Yes! Yeah! More please.

Which led to, Choice of Possibilities. How appropriate is that name! CHOICE of possibilities. Possibilities exist. Possibilities are showing up. My life has changed. Things are different. BUT, how much change do I really desire? How much more would I like to invite into my life? Am I content with what I have created? Would I like to take the amazing tools I gained with the Access Bars and in the Foundation class and go on my merry way? Or, would I like to CHOOSE more? That is what Choice Of Possibilities is all about.

The density in the room on that first day, the solidity I was perceiving, were the stories, the limitations, the obstacles in people’s worlds. The decisions and the conclusions that were creating their current reality – all of that – was UP. Time to choose.

As the class went on, as those present in the class were choosing to go beyond their stories and limitations, the energy changed. More lightness. More presence. More joy. More ease. Choice created all of that. Choice takes us beyond what is currently stopping us.

If you have never taken a COP, or if you have taken one and are aware of where you are currently stopping you, I have a question. Are you satisfied with your life as it is?

Have you received enough change? Or would you like more?

If you are satisfied, yeah! Cool. Enjoy the change. Use the tools you have received and continue on. If, however, you desire more. If you are one of those people who are always looking for what else is possible and how things could be better, then attending a Choice of Possibilities will contribute to you.

Warning: The lies you are believing, the stories you are buying as real and true, the limitations you have set for you, the decisions and conclusions you are using to stop you will very likely come up. It will probably be uncomfortable. It might even make you mad. But if you are willing to look at it, whatever it is, you will be met with allowance, presence and the tools that can catapult you beyond the reality you currently choosing into the more that is possible.

And all it takes is a choice.

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