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Where Is The Elasticity In Your Reality?

December 06, 2017

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Do you ever get the sense that you’ve been shrink wrapped in plastic your whole life? And is that where you want to live?

“Plasticity is the idea that everything is as it is,” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas® explained recently.

“Plasticising your life is wearing the girdle of this reality which only allows you to have a shape that other people can perceive and see.”

In the late Fifties, Gary had a friend whose mother bought white furniture for her house. She then covered it in plastic so it wouldn’t get dirty. You couldn’t sit on the furniture, but she thought she had a beautiful life because it was all plasticised.

On this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness call, Gary and the amazing Brendon Watt were talking about how people like to keep everything slow, ordered and plasticised in their lives.

It is not always tangible or cognitive. For instance, when you decide you need something, that very need will keep you plasticised in limitation.

“Most people need to be validated and that’s the plasticity of their life,” Gary said. “When you shrink wrap yourself inside the need of being validated, the need of being seen, the need of being acknowledged, you’re plasticising your life.”

The ultimate in plasticising your life is creating within the structure of other people’s reality.

The antidote to plasticity is elasticity. Elasticity is the ability to be like Mr Fantastic, and stretch beyond this reality, beyond your limitations, beyond anything you think is valuable.

Gary explained, “Elasticity is looking for possibilities. It’s where you’re in a constant mode of questioning how you do something, and not, can you do something.”

It’s about tapping into your awareness of possibilities and choices as Gary did with the castle in Italy and with El Lugar in Costa Rica.

“If anyone else doesn’t see the possibility that you see, that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility,” Brendon added. “It means you’re the only one who is different enough to see the possibility.”

And, you’ve got to be willing to see the possibilities that other people don’t see if you want to create massive amounts of money.

Here’s a great question to ask: what parts of your life have you plasticised so you can keep the order of them that keeps you from having the elasticity of the chaos of possibility?

Possibility is always an elastic place; it’s not a fixed point of view. Nor is possibility the answer.

Gary said, “What most people do is they try to find the answer, and not, what’s the real possibility here?

“It starts with us realising that we’re this elasticity of possibility and the choices that we make can create a greater future.”

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