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The Generosity Of Spirit Called You

December 17, 2017

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Christmas is fast approaching. But the whirlwind of festivities, gift-buying and impending holidays has an underbelly of anxiety about money and over-spending.

“Where’s the generosity of spirit that Christmas is supposed to be about?” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas® asked recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness call.

When Gary was young and his family had no money, his mother would cook pies as Christmas presents for the neighbors. “People made cookies and cakes and pies and fudge with the money they had, as an honouring and generosity towards another,” Gary pointed out.

Today it’s all about what you can spend and what you can’t afford to buy that you buy anyway.

“Where have we become so inundated with the point of view that you have to spend money in order to be gifting?” In the olden days, people who once had money would look through the beautiful things they had in their houses and pick out things they could gift to others. You don’t need money to have generosity of spirit.

As Gary said, “If you’re really willing to be needless, you can open the door to be or do, to have or create anything and everything. This is the generosity of spirit called you.”

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