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What Is The X Factor For Success?

September 04, 2017

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Have you ever wondered what the X-factor for success is?

Some people succeed almost by accident, while others spend a lifetime trying hard but only achieve modest success. What is success?

Founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas says that changing one person’s life is succeeding.

Almost 30 years ago when Gary started Access, he wanted to change this world and change the insanity that goes on here. So he began to ask the universe: what do I have to choose different to actually change this?

Gary was not interested in fixing things to make life a little bit better. And, he wasn’t trying to succeed.

“Trying is the pretence of wanting to succeed when you don’t,” he explained recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness, a monthly telecall that’s unpredictably awesome. “If you want to change the world you have to choose what’s going to change the world.”

Gary desired and demanded change no matter what it took, no matter what it looked like, and no matter who he lost.

“It’s the demand you make of you to change anything rather than choose to maintain things the same. That’s the one thing most of us are not willing to do: demand that whatever it takes I’m changing this.”

As a result, Gary lost friends, people who’d been friends with him for 10, 12, 20 years did not want to have anything to do with him, but that didn’t stop him. He kept making choices and changed the world around him.

Some years ago, Gary worked on the singing voice of an amazing young girl in Austin, Texas. A video of this was posted on YouTube; it has been viewed over 8 million times. Watch here. It was watched by someone who had the worst bad news you could possibly imagine. As a result she discovered the tools of Access and used them to change her world.

Gary said, “The choice to put that video into the world created a big change. It wasn’t about money. It was about giving the people the choice to change — an amazing gift.”

And there you have it, the X factor.

The Creative Edge of Consciousness of Club is now totally out of the box. You’ll still get the latest tools from Gary & Dr Dain Heer via a live call each month. And unpredictable surprises from anywhere at any time. If that sounds like fun, visit the Creative Edge Of Consciousness.



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