Changing All Realities

August 30, 2017

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Gary Douglas

Access Consciousness® Founder

Gary Douglas is a bestselling author, international speaker and business innovator. As the founder of Access Consciousness®, a global movement that transforms lives with simple-yet-profound tools, Gary has become an internationally recognized thought-leader, facilitator and pioneer.

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Guest Blog Post by Gary Douglas

I look at people from a different place than anyone else does. I see what they can choose. I see what they will choose. I don’t have a judgment of what they choose. Just an awareness of a choice they could make that would change every reality.

What choice could you choose that would change all reality?

You kind of look at things from the point of view of what can I do to change my reality? What can I do to change the stupid peoples’ realities? What can I do to change the current reality? But to change all realities? It’s a whole different universe. Not a different reality, a different universe.

Are you willing to have a universe that no one is willing to have? Even if you are the only one there? Even if you are the only one willing to choose it? Even if what you choose doesn’t match anyone else’s universe? What would you like to be or do that nobody in the universe is willing to be or do?

Because most of you have always known you weren’t normal? Most of you have known that somehow you were fucking weirder than shit? Most of you have known that somehow you weren’t a real person. But you were a person someone else would have to see in order for you to choose to see it.

Bad news is, Dain and I will see that. Not what you think is real but what actually is real that you have not chosen. It’s your choice and your reality, choose whatever you want.

If you are happy with what occurs on this planet, the way things are going on this planet, the sex and relationship that this planet gives you, please choose it. If you are not, you might want to look from a different place.

What do I see? What does Dain see? Does Dain see what I see? Not exactly. Is what he sees willing to let you be the limitation of you? No. That’s why he does the Symphony of Possibilities. Because he sees the place he can create you as the orchestra of a different possibility.

I choose to see you as someone who is greater than you think are willing to be. But you only think you are not willing to be it.

Reality is, I wouldn’t see it if you weren’t willing to be it.

So what would you like to be in sex, copulation, relationship and reality you have not yet chosen? Could you? Would you? Would you like to or are you avoiding choosing that?

What if you are the gift that the world has been asking for? What if you were the one person that could create a different reality on earth that would allow it to live instead of die?

You do get the earth is dying don’t you? And if you don’t choose different, the earth has no choice.

You are the source of possibility. You can choose to be part of the symphony of possibilities or you can live your life as though this reality is all you care about, all you look for, all you choose or all you desire… which from my perspective means you are choosing the less that you are, not the more you can be.

Choose. It’s your life. It’s your reality. I will have no judgment. I have no judgment. I will not ask you, I will not require you, I might desire you, but I will know better than to believe you will choose it.

Because I know that you are the source of everything you choose, everything you be, everything you desire to be and everything you are… so be that.

Because regardless of what you choose, you will still be greater than what the rest of this reality is. And that will inspire the world to a different place.

Are you willing to be the inspiration for a different possibility? Or are you going to try to live as though this reality is enough for you? It may not be. It may be. It’s not important. It’s just a choice. Choice creates your reality. Nothing more.

The purpose of the sex and relationship class for me is to get everyone to see a different possibility. The purpose of every class for me is to get people to see a different possibility.

If you choose it, great! If you don’t choose it, you’re not wrong. You’re not wrong. You’re not wrong. Nothing you have ever been or done is a wrongness.

Everything you have done has created a different possibility on planet earth. Every choice you create from this point on will create a different possibility. Recognize you are the gift that the world needs. And just choose. Just choose.

Thank you for choosing to be you. Because you are the gift… you personally are the gift that changes the world. Whatever you choose is not important. That you choose it is.

So just choose.

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Aug 30, 2017

What an awesome blog‼️
Thank you Gary ❤️

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