A Better World For All

June 14, 2017

Have you always known there’s a different way to live in the world; a different way to do business? Then consider this your invitation to delve into benevolent capitalism.

Benevolent capitalism literally means growing capital for the good of all. The old way of taking the biggest piece of the pie is clearly not sustainable.

“One of the things that brought me to benevolent capitalism was noticing there are women with the ability to create a massive increase in wealth because they were willing to create — but they weren’t willing to take,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas said recently.

“On this planet, we have the point of view that men take everything and then they create. Women create without take.”

A benevolent capitalist will always make sure everybody gets more and everybody gets to create more.

“If we’re all looking to create more then it’s not about stealing from the earth, which is one of the things we’ve got to include in our capital growth” Gary added. “If we destroy the earth to get more money, have we lost our capital?”

You can learn more about this pioneering movement from Gary, and the brilliant Chutisa and Steve Bowman as they explore benevolent capitalism in this series of free podcasts.

Do you want to look at a totally different way of looking at creating business? A new style of leadership that creates a greater difference and generates more possibilities in businesses of all sizes, in people’s lives and on the planet? This is what Benevolent Capitalism offers. For the online evening class with Gary Douglas on Benevolent Capitalism, you can go here. And for even more, and to learn about the 4 Day Benevolent Capitalism class, June 30-July 3rd in Venice and Online by clicking HERE.



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