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What Is Stopping You From Creating Something Greater?

May 07, 2017

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What have you defined as the parameters of your life that keep you from creating something greater?

Parameters are useful for measuring limits. They are not so useful if we make them so solid and real that we can’t go beyond them and create something greater.

“Parameters are places where you believe the limitations,” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas explained recently.

“What would happen if you had no limitations, none?” It’s very likely that chaos will reign!

We’ve been taught to avoid chaos dynamically, particularly with things we make important and significant — like money. From a young age, most of us were drilled on having order with money and finances. Gary and Dain delved into the order and chaos of money on the monthly Creative Edge call.

“The order of money is the way you think you’re supposed to make it, how it’s supposed to be, what you’re supposed to have, what you’re supposed to get,” Gary said.

Chaos is where you’re willing to ask a question, and use your awareness and capacities to create something out of virtually nothing.

Years ago when Dain was on a strict budget, he knew he had to get creative with money.

“Gary introduced me to garage sales. We’d go every weekend; we’d run processes and talk. I outfitted my entire apartment, and kept changing and upgrading it continuously for literally pennies on the dollar,” Dain said.

Amazing things show up when you’re willing to have the chaos of money. Dain recalled a time he wanted to buy a ring at a pawn shop. He asked the ring, if I buy you will you make me money? He got, “no”, so he asked another question, “At what price would I have to buy you for you to make me money?” It was 30% less than the ticketed price. So Dain asked the shop assistant for his best price. Their best price was exactly 30% off and Dain gratefully bought the ring.

“That’s the chaos of money,” Dain pointed out. “You have to be willing to have the chaos because we’ve ordered so many points of view about money: it’s only valuable if it’s new, it’s only valuable if it’s full price. And you’re only valuable if you buy this brand, or pay this price.

How many people spend their days waiting to get their inheritance?

“The chaos of money is the willingness to out-create your parents,” Gary said. “If you’re not willing to out-create them, then you’ll never allow yourself to have as much money as you could have. And you’ll do everything you can to try and stop the money you could have so you can inherit money from your parents.”

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