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To Follow the Rules or Not?

May 04, 2017

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Jeni Be

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Guest Blog Post by Jeni Be

For most of my life I have struggled to get it right; to do it correctly. Form, structure and relevance of “the right way” was high on my to do list. Every day. It ran my life!

When writing an email, for example, I would always look at it and force myself into the structure of beginning, middle, end… I would write it that way literally down to the bullet points. It wasn’t easy for me to write this way but I had so many points of view running through my head about right, wrong and any other rigid correct way to do it.

There was the voice of my teacher from school. The voice of doing it my Dad’s way. The voice of so many rules and regulations about how things should be done. All of these voices were a constant barrage flowing through my head. With the intensity of this, it seemed I could never get it right and I usually just wound myself in knots trying to convey what I was wanted to say. Convinced I could never actually say it.

When I attended an X-Men class with Diva Diaz, using the tools of Access Consciousness, I was bowled over to find out things could be different! Wow! I had never even considered this. I never even thought to give it a try! How do you write an email without form? Without structure? What would that look like for ME?

The very possibility of this, changed everything for me. The awareness that I could do it another way spiraled through me and I had so many questions. I asked many questions. Asking those questions allowed me to be open different possibilities and in essence gave me the ability to be more aware of the flow and the energy when writing emails.

So if you are stuck with a particular point of view, such as, ‘I am a terrible writer’ or ‘I have to do things the way other people do them even though it doesn’t work for me’ here are 3 things you can try:

1. Let Your Thoughts Pass Through

When you notice a point of view, rather than agreeing with it, allow those thoughts, allow those ‘points of view’ to just flow through your brain, a bit like trains running through a station. Do not giving them any credence, they are just passing through. Saying, “Interesting point of view I have that point of view” every time you have a thought and that will help you to let your thoughts pass through; rather than letting them cloud your mind and stick you.

2. Always Ask Questions

A great question to ask is “What else is possible?” or “What could I choose in this 10 seconds?”

Questions open up doors which allow you to choose something that others may not be choosing but that would work for you.

3. DO MORE!!!

Do more than 10 things at once, and smile with the effortless ease that it just may bring… Sound crazy?

It didn’t work for me to try to write an email like everyone said I had to –with a beginning, a middle and an end. It was too methodical. Too slow. I can do more than one thing at once and when I do, I have way more fun and get more things done.

Right now, as I am working on this article, I have 15 tabs open on my computer. I have a half written post on Facebook, partial information on a website where I am posting a class, a graphic nearly completed, numerous documents open, videos playing, iTunes open, Skype pinging, emails ready to send… and that’s just to name a few of the things that I am creating at the same time!

EVERY SINGLE one of these creations is contributing to my writing just now … EVERY SINGLE ENERGY in all those creations are a contribution. In receiving all of the information at the same time, I ask a question and follow the flow. It does NOT make sense!! It is not meant to! That is the joy of it. IT IS NOT MEANT TO MAKE SENSE!

With these tools, and with the knowing that it’s not about right and wrong, there is more than one way something can be done and that when I do more life is easier, I have changed the way I create. I no longer make myself wrong for how I write emails or create anything else. I may start at the end of the email or an article then add in a bit in the beginning or middle. I simply follow what pops in my awareness to write, where to write, when to write… and I follow it.

It is so amazing, to see how much using these tools has changed writing for me. I seem to be able to write faster (yet I still require spell check). Rather than having a struggle every time I write, it’s now a playful and fun creation filled with ease. It’s a playing with words and gifting from all creations. It’s the ‘je ne c’est quoi’ (an intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive).

So my question to you is…what do you know about functioning in an entirely different way with everything you have ever been taught? What else could you choose by asking a question and opening up other possibilities?

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Glicelda Camacho

May 5, 2017

Gracias. .estoy muy intesada en esta información en español.. gracias. .

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Glicelda Camacho

May 5, 2017

Gracias. .estoy muy intesada en esta información en español.. gracias. .

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