The Space Beyond Words…and Access Bars

April 09, 2017

There’s a truth that animals and nature share in; that babies are born knowing. Nothing is fixed and immutable. Everything is changeable, possibilities abound and we have barely begun to know ourselves. Yet embroiled in the turmoil of daily living, the majority of the world is oblivious to this.

“We have this weird point of view that things have been chosen for us. It’s destiny; it’s karma. It’s anything except choice. But the reality is every choice we’ve made has created what we live today,” says Gary Douglas in the new release short film Beyond Words.

Gary is the founder of Access Consciousness®, a movement that is giving individuals the tools to live joyous and authentic lives.

“If you change what you choose, what you have for tomorrow is different, and greater, and more amazing (than today),” he says.

Neuroscientist Dr. Jefferey Fannin agrees, “This really is a paradigm shift; people have to shift away from what they know to something different.”

Dr. Fannin and his team have used brain mapping to empirically measure the changes in thoughts, emotions and stress during a dynamic process called the Access Bars®. The Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched open up energy and allows it to flow.

This is how Gary describes the Bars, “It’s like a computer bank of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and considerations you’ve ever had in any lifetime. They get stored in there. When you clear them by running the Bars…that deletes the file and suddenly you’re different. Your whole life can change.”

Glenn Sheppard’s whole life did change. This young man was born with the ability to communicate telepathically; but few people could see past the label of autism.

Someone who saw the being behind the label is Delany Delaney. She says the Bars have been a gift for Glenn. There are times when Glenn is almost at war with his body — there’s a physical fight going on — and simply by activating those points he has peace with his body.

Seeing the naturalness of Delany and Glenn’s telepathic communication is fascinating.

She says, “There’s an authenticity and a simplicity to this, spoken words don’t often find the mark.”

Filmed in different locations around the world, with lush visuals and sweeping landscapes, and the frank, open faces of individuals at peace with themselves, there is a new short documentary film called Beyond Words. This film is for those who have spent their lives seeking something different. It will awaken you to the possibility that life on earth can be vibrant and joyous, whether you’re young or old, healthy or labelled with a so-called disability.

Watch the video here!

“If everybody in the world could be present as themselves and never judge themselves, this would be a world worth living in,” Gary says.

Beyond Words is directed by Nancy O’Connor and Pita Rivas. You can learn more about the film, and the Co-Creators of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer by clicking HERE.

To learn more about Access Bars or find a class or practitioner near you, just click here.



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