Ending the Lie of Pathetic – OCD/Xmen?

April 08, 2017

You’ve got to love how we function sometimes…We would rather put ourselves in the position of an underdog, or even a loser, than be seen as an arrogant asshole.

Co-creator of Access Consciousness® Dr. Dain Heer said, “I see so many people…who are truly brilliantly creative and aware but the lie they’ve bought about themselves — and the thing they’re not willing to lose — is the lie of pathetic.”

For instance, people who are labelled as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) generally don’t consider themselves as brilliant; they just think they’re screwed up. “Whereas we have found that OCD is an amazing capacity,” Dain said. “One of the things we say in Access is: What if everything you thought was a wrongness of you was actually a strong-ness of you?”

People who have OCD can pick up all the points of view, thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone between 8–8000 square miles around them. To deal with all that awareness, they can develop distractions like washing their hands over and over. Dain once worked with a lady who was highly OCD; the only time she wasn’t steeped in awareness of other people was when she was talking. So she talked and talked and talked.

When you recognize that OCD is a capacity, you can use it to your advantage. But you’ve got to stop buying the lie of pathetic.

Dain said, “A lot of people are not willing to lose their limitations and victimization by this reality. If they were, what else would be possible?”

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