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What is your calling in life that you’re not hearing?

April 17, 2017

The idea of a “calling in life” may seem rather old-fashioned – priests are supposed to be called by god, barristers are called to the bar — but it’s still very relevant today. Nowadays we talk about having a purpose in life, which is nevertheless significant and serious. A very different perspective on “life purpose” was recently presented on the Access Consciousness® show on Voice America.

“Our point of view for a long time has been that the purpose of life is to have fun,” said co-creator of Access Dr Dain Heer. “When you have a purpose, you end up creating a constant state of judgement for you because there’s no way you can fulfil that purpose.” Usually you judge there’s something wrong with you for not achieving your purpose. So, what’s possible if you’ve missed your calling?

Founder of Access, Gary Douglas, suggested having a target instead. “If you have a target, you can shoot at it a thousand times and if you hit a bullseye every time all you do is split the arrow of what you’ve already shot for!” he said. That definitely seems like more fun than trying to fulfil what you’ve decided, or been told, is your purpose. “What if every day you chose based on what was fun for you?” Gary asked. “The only way life gets better is if you choose what’s fun for you.”

If you would truly like to have more fun, Gary & Dain have a radical suggestion — consider giving up your feelings. Why? Any time you say, ‘I feel like…’ you no longer exist as an infinite being. You’ve stepped into a finite being that has thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

“One of the things we’ve discovered is…you invalidate being with your feelings,” Gary said. “Feelings will kill you. Granted that psychology tells you to examine your feelings, except examining your feelings doesn’t work.”

“Those feelings are killers,” Dain agreed. “You literally use them to define and enforce your limited points of view about things rather than your choice to change or create something different.”

What if your calling is to be a miracle worker? When you truly create a miracle, it doesn’t feel like anything. It has no feeling to it. A miracle just is. What feeling are you using to avoid the possibility of what you could be choosing?

Curious to find out more about creating miracles and giving up feelings? Listen to this revolutionary episode on the Access Consciousness Show here https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/98334/what-is-your-calling-in-life-that-youre-not-hearing

Gary & Dain also reveal some cool questions to ask your body, how to end a relationship gracefully and tools for when you’re experiencing a downward spiral.

Tune in to the Access Consciousness Show on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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