Are you ready to be an adult of consciousness?

January 11, 2017

With their wide-eyed gaze, ready laughter and high energy, children are wondrous explorers of our world. But they’re not very good problem-solvers. A child will bring their scraped knees, temper tantrums, and problems large and small, to the nearest adult to resolve. Adults are the ones in charge; they know the buck stops with them.

“Children look at reality as it is and they stamp their feet and get pissed off at it, which doesn’t change reality,” Dr. Dain Heer said recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness monthly telecall.

“A child of consciousness doesn’t believe they have the capacity to be what they are and change what they can change.”

How do we function in consciousness — as adults or children? This fascinating topic dominated the December Creative Edge monthly call, with founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain imparting some great information.

For instance, a child of consciousness is always looking for one choice to rule them all so they don’t ever have to choose again.

“An adult realizes, OK my life will change moment by moment, day by day as I make choice by choice,” Dain explained. “The change in life occurs choice by choice.”

With each choice, things start to be change and different. But you also have to be willing to make another choice 10 seconds later, based on the situations of life that present themselves based on the choice you just made.

Let’s say you have family to stay for the holidays. Your habitual pattern is resentment, which is actually destroying your life. It’s also destroying the joy others could have and ends up creating those awful family gatherings you try so hard to avoid.

As an adult of consciousness be willing to ask questions like, “How can I get into allowance of this? How can I enjoy this to the best of my ability and how much fun can I have? That’s an adult’s point of view!” Dain pointed out.

And Gary added, “What if, we have a good time this year and enjoy everybody’s insanity, and everybody’s beauty, and everybody’s wonder and their crazy sense of humor?”

Being an adult of consciousness is the awareness that not only are you the one in charge, you’re also the one who has the capacity to create and change anything. That includes anything in your body, anything in your life, anything in the world.

“If we were all willing to step into being the conscious adults we could be, we’d be the change of realities around us with our very energy,” Dr Dain Heer.

“An adult creates chaos,” Gary added.

When you’re functioning from chaos you recognize you do have choice. You also recognize that everybody has created the situations they’re in from their choices in this or some other lifetime.

How much of your chaos are you denying or destroying so you cannot be the source for and the adult of true creation?

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