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Acts of Consciousness – Changing the Violence on this Planet

January 15, 2017

It’s that old familiar feeling of bumping up against the same problems and limitations, time and again.

You know you’d really like to change it. But like the fleas put in a glass box as an experiment, the ceiling appears very solid and real. After hitting the lid a few times, the entrained fleas stop jumping as high as they actually can — even when the box is open.

“Most of us won’t create our lives after we hit limitations two or three times,” founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas said recently on Voice America radio. “Getting out of the box is realizing that your life is stifled in so many ways.”

Part of the reason we create the boxes of our lives is the epidemic of violence on this planet.

“Violence is a huge part of this reality and it’s one of the energies that we abhor more than anything else,” said Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access. “And violence isn’t just the physical violence that people do. It’s an energetic thing more than anything else.”

In the face of any form of violence we usually cut off awareness and make ourselves small. Or else, we put up walls and barriers, hoping to keep it out. Trouble is, that doesn’t work.

As Dain explained, “When we put up those walls and barriers we keep out everything. The funny thing is we think we can keep out violence if we put up walls and barriers. That’s the one thing that doesn’t stay out. The money stays out, happiness stays out, and the violence stays in.”

Money is tied to violence

If you look at it, you’ll realize that war is one of the biggest industries around.

“So much of what people do in an effort to create money is a violence against the earth, a violence against other people,” Dain said. “The idea that’s inherent in this world is that you have to function from violence in order to create wealth.”

There is a movement to change the violence on the planet, it’s called #actsofconsciousness.

Any time you choose to make a conscious change in the world, that’s an Act of Consciousness. An Act of Consciousness is seeing the gift each thing, and each person is in your life. It’s always choosing possibility, not judgment.

What is an Act of Consciousness?
–It’s the willingness to have a question
–It’s the willingness to say “No, I won’t do that”
–It’s never buying a judgment

Dain says, “Acts of Consciousness are within your power and capacity to choose and they will actually create more consciousness in your life and on the planet.”

So, what Act of Consciousness can you be or do today that can create a different reality right away?

Watch this video from Dr. Dain for more about Acts of Consciousness.

Is now the time to put into action the consciousness that you (and we) are?

As you choose different, as you be different, you’ll inspire others.

Share your Act of Consciousness and use #actsofconsciousness

For more check out the Acts of Consciousness Facebook Group.



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